The Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Finding the Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Our guide to finding the best essential oils for skin care, including essential oil printable charts!

With so many essential oils to choose from how do you know which are the best essential oils for skin care?

Your skin is most certainly one…

Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oil Blending


In detail: A carrier oil is a base oil used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before applying to the skin.

The term simply means they carry the essential oil onto and across the skin.

The best carrier oils for essential oil blending are derived…

Essential Oil Blending Wheel

Hitting a Roadblock with Essential Oil Blending?

Make the best smelling essential oil blends with an essential oil blending wheel. Use this ultimate essential oil blending guide to make rollers and more.

When you’ve got a dozen or more essential oils the fun really starts! But, often times when we…