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Are you buying into the modern need to hustle?

Hustling to be more, do more?
Hustling to seek approval?
Hustling to make everyone happy but you?

When we buy into the modern need of hustling it feeds us the idea of scarcity, convincing us that there’s not enough time to  j u s t – b e – y o u.

Hustling triggers an urgency to survive in place of feelings to thrive.

In survival mode we are flooded with hormones produced by stress that tangle our mind, block our creativity, and leave us feeling stuck and unhappy. When instead we should be living a lifestyle that includes activities to nourish mindfulness, playfulness, and creativity.

I urge to give up the hustle.

Learn to become aware of racing thoughts and actions. Choose to take full and complete breaths.

If you’re reading this right now, maybe you’re overdue for a change. Or maybe you’re ready to start treating yourself like you are worthy of being taken care of.

However you ended up here, I invite you to overcome the default to hustle. I have found some of the most effective ways to boost happiness, wonder, and self worth.

And it all begins with flow. If you’re not familiar with flow, it is a state of being in “the zone”. Absorbed in an activity with a sharpened focus and loss of your sense of time.

Have you ever felt flow? So engrossed in an activity that an outside distraction like the ring of phone is required to bring you back to reality – clueless as to where the time went?

I ask you this – when was the last you did something for yourself that resulted in flow?

If your answer wasn’t at least sometime within the past week, then let me give you permission to do more things that nourish your wellbeing and bring you into flow.

To find stillness and create routines that inspire and absorb you so much so, that time is irrelevant.

The Oily Chic Monthly Make & Take Box

Each month I’ll send you a box unlike any other. With methods and natural ingredients to choose joy over stress and cultivate flow and self love over anxiety and lack of self worth.

I’ll teach you to create simple, yet fulfilling ways to practice self care such as feelings of release and calmness over an herbal infused face stream – made with your own two hands.

You see, at Oily Chic we believe you should fall love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Don’t let excuses of, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll try this later” cause you to get swept up again into too many have-to-do activities instead of want-to-do activities.

The longer you stay convinced that you can’t possibly find time for you, the longer hustle and stress will reign over your life. While flow, happiness, and fulfillment escape you.

Kristy Haare Founder of Oily Chic

Hi I’m Kristy a best-selling author and columnist of Willow and Sage magazine who founded Oily Chic. A hands-on resource for beginners overflowing with creative ways to use and share essential oils.

It is with great joy and gratitude I share with you the Oily Chic Box a monthly make-n-take subscription box to help you start thriving, including all your oily wants and needs!

Oily Chic Box - Monthly Make and Take to create with your essential oils

What does the Oily Chic Box include?

Each box comes with everything you need to make four unique essential oil projects for the home or body with your oils!

All are simple to re-create or duplicate to share with your Oily BFF or host an essential oil class!

In addition to the ingredients you’ll find exclusive labels, tags, and containers such as jars, roller bottles, bath soak bags, and spray bottles.

Step-by-step instructions, bullet journaling prompts, self care ideas, bonus diffuser blends, and printable materials are all included!!

And your Oily Chic box arrives packaged in eco-friendly recycled materials.

Each month receive a carefully curated make-and-take box create with essential oils and inspire your month.

How does it work?

Each month you’ll receive a carefully curated make-and-take box developed to keep the flame lit to thrive and inspire your day to day each month.

Find your inner sense of wonder and calm within the hustle that surrounds us. And make a commitment to you, because at the end of day you will always be the longest and most valuable player on your team.

Reserve your Oily Chic Box to inspire your month and motivate you to make space in your life for YOU. Take the steps now to start becoming the person you were always meant to be.

Find an Oily Chic Box at your doorstep every month because you deserve to THRIVE! Take a Peek Inside the Box-

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Who is the Oily Chic Box for?

Anyone who loves DIY and hands-on experiences.

Beginners and experienced essential oil fans who want to learn how to use and enjoy their essential oils even more.

Busy mamas and 9 to 5 hustlers alike who want to carve out more time for self-care.

Oily bosses who are looking for a new way to share the benefits of an oily lifestyle.

Are you a social media influencer with a tribe interested in essentials oils and self-care? We’re looking for a small group of oily friends to share the Oily Chic Box!!!  Find out more here.