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  • Cactus Candle Melts DIY

    Tired of store-bought candles with unknown ingredients? Make cactus candle melts at home, using coconut and soy wax infused with essential oil for a clean and fragrant experience.

    Bring the scent of margaritas to your space with our cactus candle melts! Put the lime in the coconut, and shake it all up with a Margarita essential oil blend! Discover how to create these adorable, all-natural melts that’ll light up your room and your mood.

  • Fall Essential Oil Room Sprays

    Celebrate all the things you love about fall with an essential oil room spray recipe. Each recipe is designed to capture the aromas and feelings of fall for your home.

    Do You Love Using Essential Oil Room Sprays?

    I can’t get enough of the freshening power of essential oil room sprays. Just a mist or two and they make our home smell fresh, clean, and cozy… even if it’s a mess.