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  • Summer Essential Oil Candle Blends

    Enjoy all the best scents of the sunny season in this ultimate list of summer essential oil candle blends!

    There’s a lot of ways you can go about making essential oils candles! To make it easy, I’ve created a list of done-for-you summer essential oil candle blends to help you mix scents together into incredible scented candles.

  • DIY Crystal Essential Oil Rollers

    Make DIY crystal essential oil rollers with oils that go with crystals. Don’t miss these three simple ways for how to make crystal-infused essential oil rollers.

    I’ve found DIY crystal essential oil rollers are the simplest method for how to make crystal-infused essential oils. They only take a few minutes to put together and last months, helping you reap the benefits of this powerful duo with ease!

  • Essential Oil Plant Spray Recipe

    The essential oil plant spray recipe will promote growth and help deter insects from eating your garden or potted plants!

    You can use this homemade plant spray for indoor and outdoor plants, potted plants and garden plants, as well as succulents. One or two applications a week is all you to keep plants happy, growing, and their leaves shiny!