Why I Choose Young Living

5 Reasons Why I Choose Young Living Essential Oils

#1 Did you know Young Living owns several of their own farms? You can even visit one and participate in the harvest or see the distillation process. I don’t know any other essential oil company that offers this. Do you?

#2 In addition to their own farms, Young Living partners with farmers who meet their standards for growing, harvesting, and distilling. They distill oils once at low temperature using chemical-free water and medical-grade stainless steel distillers for therapeutic grade oils.

#3 Have you ever noticed expiration dates on essential oils? Those are fragrance-grade and aroma-grade oils. Therapeutic grade essentials oils are 100% pure and will last indefinitely if properly stored away from heat and sunlight (excluding citrus). They do not contain additives, fillers, or synthetics.

#4 As a Young Living wholesale member there are no monthly purchases required. The only thing you have to do to keep your wholesale membership active is to spend $50 per year on any Young Living products of your choice.

#5 Not only does Young Living make quality therapeutic grade essential oils. They’ve been making them for over 20 years! They are not a fad or trend. I love their selection of over 180 different essential oils and custom blends such as Stress Away, Thieves, and Purification.

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