• Cozy Season Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

    Use these essential oil diffuser blend recipes to help you experience the aromas of the season. Infused with some of our favorite warming essential oils cinnamon, clove, ginger, and more.

    I love waking up to crisp frosty mornings, getting lost looking up into clear blue skies, and collecting random colorful leaves to display in my natural potpourri bowl in our foyer. But you know what I love more than the sights of the cozy season? The scents!!

  • Summer Essential Oil Blends Recipes

    Essential oils for summer can keep the fun on high. Rainy or humid days can’t get you down when you’ve got summer essential oil blends recipes.

    Support that sunny feeling only summer brings. Whether it’s easy essential oil recipes for diffusing, a mood-boosting room spray or diffuser jewelry, you can keep the summer vibes rolling with these summer essential oil blends.

  • DIY Reed Diffuser

    A DIY reed diffuser is simple and inexpensive to make. You likely have a small decorative vessel in our home that you can turn easily into a homemade diffuser.

    When you want to create a subtle ambience for those spaces in your home that aren’t ideal for candles or diffusers, turn to an essential oil reed diffuser. Here’s how I make a DIY reed diffuser with just a few supplies!