• Ways to Use Essential Oils

    I’ve found five ways to use essential oils that are as easy as a walk in the park!

    There are so many ways to use essential oils it is difficult to know where to start. That’s why I put together this list of five simple ways to start using essential oils.

  • How to Make Body Spray with Essential Oils

    How to make body spray with essential oils that last longer.

    It’s time to toss body sprays with ingredients you can’t pronounce and make your own with essential oils you love and trust! You’ll discover homemade body sprays are super easy to make and inexpensive compared to store-bought sprays.

  • Vanilla Essential Oil Uses

    Try these fifteen vanilla essential oil uses in your day to day life.

    Here are 15 DIY vanilla essential oil uses to get the best vanilla essential oils benefits for the home and body. Including lip balm, diffuser blends, bath bombs, and more!

  • DIY Massage Oil

    The good news is a DIY massage oil made with essential oils is one of the easiest essential oil recipes you can make!

    This DIY massage oil’s silky smooth consistency feels incredible on the skin and is so easy-to-make you have to share it!