You’re Ready to Make an Income & an Impact with Your Oily Biz!

You’ve seen other mamas with gorgeous social feeds, a healthy family, and a healthy income. 

You know you are ready to do the same. 

An oily business built for your family – NOT around it! One that allows you to live a healthy, balanced life while supporting your family’s lifestyle and impacting the lives of families just like yours.

Oily Chic Stock Boss: A fresh monthly modern collection of curated essential oil stock photography designed to help you create a cohesive social feed while saving you time and frustration!

There’s just one BIG problem holding you back…

You want your friends, family, and other mamas to take you seriously, BUT

-Your social media feed lacks intentionality 

-Your photos vary in style – you can’t seem to nail that down or duplicate it

-You tried using free stock photos but can’t find any that really fit your needs

-You’re worried you may be sending the wrong message or overselling 

And on top of it all, you really lack consistency, but your time is SO limited!! 

TRUTH BOMB: You Have ALL the Abilities to Create a Successful Oily Business Sharing Your Passion for Wellness and Family.


Growing your engagement online doesn’t have to be difficult. Rather you’re just starting or you have already made hundreds of social media posts, it’s not too late. Scheduling your social media posts doesn’t need to feel like a chore. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun! 

Growing your engagement online doesn’t have to be difficult. Rather you’re just starting or you have already made hundreds of social media posts, it’s not too late. Scheduling your social media posts doesn’t need to feel like a chore. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun!


Oily Chic Stock Boss enables mamas like you to tell their stories and share their passion through stunning, scroll-stopping social media ready photography!

We know firsthand, how time-consuming it is to style, photograph, edit, and curate an eye-catching social media feed.

You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s interest online. Making a great first impression on Instagram, Pinterest or any other social platform is essential to building a successful business of any kind! 

High-quality, intentional photography provides a visual that others can instantly connect with and share with their extended circle. 

Oily Chic Stock Boss will teach you not only how to make a great first impression, but a lasting one! You can make reaching your target audience a breeze with “done for you” social media photography. Allowing you to quickly create a balanced lifestyle as an oily-peruner wrapped in essential oil wellness. 

Every oily-peruner knows you need a lot of skills!! For some, writing may be their best skill, while for others it may be sharing videos in the moment. Either way, you can’t neglect to build essential skills when growing your oily business. And photography should be at or near the top of the list!

Let’s face it, a huge part of being a successful oily-peruner is based on the quality of your social feeds. 

If your photos aren’t achieving the level of success you want, let Oily Chic Stock Boss help you fast track your oily business by spending less time learning ALL THE THINGS that photography encompasses.

Not to mention, greatly reducing the expense of professional equipment, lighting, and spaces. 

Creating a cohesive social feed to reach your target audience doesn’t need to be overwhelming, in fact, it can be really enjoyable! Sharing stunning photos with your stories and your passion is ACHIEVABLE with Oily Chic Stock Boss!  

Each month log in to your account to find a fresh collection of 25 carefully curated stock photography designed for oily mamas like you! At less than $1.00 a photo!!

Choose Your Plan

Choose from our monthly plan already at a great price of less than a buck a photo. Or opt for our quarterly plan saving you 15% off of the monthly rate. And if you know you are ready to commit to making your oily-peruner dreams a reality choose our annual plan. It’s a HUGE SAVINGS at less than 50 cents a photo!!! Now, that’s a smart investment. 

What Does Your Oily Chic Stock Boss Membership Include?

– 25 Unique Styled Stock Photographs Every Month

– Exclusively Created to Help Grow Your Oily Business

– Easy, Fun and Quick to Use High Res JPEG files 

– Social Media Ready Photos, No Need to Resize 

At Oily Chic Stock Boss, we believe that every mama has the ability to create a successful oily business sharing their passion for wellness and family. Our mission is to help oily-preneurs create a vibrant, yet balanced business style while removing one BIG task from their plate. 

Growing your engagement online doesn’t have to be difficult. Rather you’re just starting or you have already made hundreds of social media posts, it’s not too late. Scheduling your social media posts doesn’t need to feel like a chore. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun! Start your subscription to Oily Chic Stock Boss now and you’ll receive our members-only content too!

Start your subscription now and you’ll receive our members-only content too!

Don't miss the bonus members only content at Oily Chic Stock Boss!


– Exclusive Pinterest Essential Oil Group Board

– Bonus Brand Consistency Course

– Bonus 5 Day Challenge to Boost Social Media Engagement 

Kristy Haare Founder of Oily Chic

When I became a mother and held my daughter in my arms for the first time, I was flooded with maternal instincts and emotions I never experienced. 

I attended college for 8 years and worked hard to build a high profile, corporate career in marketing. My career was a big part of who I was. But, as my maternal instincts and the need to spend more time with my daughter grew, I questioned who I had become, as many new mothers do, and if the lifestyle I worked hard to build was right. 

You see, I felt that I couldn’t have both – a career and motherhood. 

Have you ever felt that way?

At some point, I started reading and hearing about moms who turned their blog into a career and could be home with their children while making a great income. At the time I had been writing a blog about natural living and photography since my college years. And I had authored several best-selling books. But, it was truly a creative outlet and not something I saw as WORK or made a steady (YOU-CAN-ALWAYS-COUNT-ON) income from. 

When my daughter celebrated her 1st birthday and started calling the nanny – mama, I made a decision to turn my blog into a business and leave my corporate marketing career by her 3rd birthday. 

I can honestly say, I signed up for every course and bought every ebook that landed my way. I mastered writing for mobile feeds versus books, how to use keyword research, SEO optimization, and how to impactfully incorporate affiliate marketing. And at the same time, I grew a presence of 1000s to millions on every social media platform.  

Every spare minute I had; lunch hours, waiting for meetings to start, nap time on weekends, and every single evening after the bedtime routine – I worked on building my business. 

Not a minute was wasted because now I live a life following my passions while supporting my family and never missing a beat when comes to raising our daughter. And I want to help you do the same!

Are you going through similar emotions and struggling between working and mothering? Are you ready to create a balanced lifestyle of motherhood and business? – Let me help you with the ONE THING that catapulted my success! 


Not just clear, crisp high-quality photography or precisely styled photography – RELATABLE, INTENTIONAL photography to share your message with like-minded individuals who hold similar dreams, struggles, and goals. 

Choose Your Plan

Do you want to stop going down every rabbit hole and exhausting yourself across every social media platform? Are you prepared to keep a hustling lifestyle, chasing your dream – instead of living it without the hustle? 

Think you don’t have the time? Honestly, if you’ve got time to watch Netflix you’ve got time to schedule your social media ready posts. 

There’s no need to think of photos to take every day or agonize over-styling every setup. You can schedule a week or month of posts in one setting because all the photography is done for you!!

Don’t have the cash? At less than $1.00 a photo, you can skip buying expensive photography equipment, crazy amounts of props, and studio backdrops – saving you thousands of dollars! 


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Whether you realize it or not, you are already visually making promises and setting expectations for your audience through your social media feed. The photos that you share are a large part of how your oily biz is perceived. Take action now to make sure you are sending the right message.