• Essential Oil Blends For Focus

    Yep, we've got you covered with done-for-you blends, printable charts, and diffusers. Are you ready to make essential oil blends for focus and clarity? I know I sure am!

    Do essential oils work for concentration? Absolutely! And I’m here to point them out! Learn what are the best essential oils for focus and concentration and how to use them with easy printable charts.

  • Ways To Use Essential Oils This Year

    Some of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to make something with them. Seasonal room sprays, natural essential oil candles, homemade soaps, and more will fill your calendar this year too with this monthly essential oil uses guide.

    As you fill in your calendar with birthdays, school breaks, appointments, and reminders, why not add a fun essential oil DIY? Here are twelve ways to use essential oil this year with a monthly essential oil uses guide.

  • DIY Soap On A Rope

    I love finding ways to use my favorite essential oils outside my diffusers. Don’t you? This DIY soap on a rope is quite the creative way to use essential oils!

    This DIY soap on a rope smells fantastic thanks to essential oils! Want to know how I make soap on rope? Here’s what you’ll need, how much essential oil to put in soap, and the easiest way to make soap rope!

  • Clove Essential Oil Uses

    What is clove essential oil good for? I’m happy to report there’s plenty of clove essential oil uses to be had.

    What is clove essential oil good for? Try a fun pumpkin spice sugar scrub, a sweet vanilla and clove body spray, or make a calming clove essential oil bath melt. No matter which clove essential oil DIY you try, I know you’ll be glad you found more ways to use clove.