What is an Essential Oil

What is an essential oil? Here's the way I explain it.

Puzzled by Essential Oils?

What is an essential oil exactly??

The term ‘essential oil’ refers to a highly concentrated
oil that is extracted from a variety of plants.

Often called the lifeblood of the plant. Plants use the concentrated oil to grow and adapt to their environment. And each are key to protecting the plant from things such as insects and harsh conditions.

Essential oils basically act as an immune system in a plant. In fact, they are necessary for the plant to live.

How are essential oils made?

Essential oils are made by extracting oil through distillation from a variety of plants and their various parts such as trees, seeds, shrubs, flowers, and roots.

When processed properly through steam distillation, the oils retain their potent properties and are highly concentrated.

Aren’t essential oils just for fragrance?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids – meaning they are fragrant.

But, essential oils are so much more than fragrant!

They have been used for centuries for a multitude of benefits from encouraging a restful night’s sleep to soothing insects bites. Millions of people around the globe use essential oils to support their happiness and well being. Learn more in the Oily Chic Library and on the Blog