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DIY Body Shimmer Spray the Perfect Solution to a Sun-Kissed Glow

Summer means warm long days, triple dipped ice cream cones, chilled drinks, dinner outdoors, bike riding, pool parties, and fireworks. All of which require summer wear like shorts, swimsuits, and sundresses. 

And if you’re not a kid anymore, you may not enjoy exposing the expanse of your legs and arms at every occasion. Breathable, light-weight fabrics and flowy long dresses and pants can be a great solution. However, searing temperatures and many summer activities give us no choice to reveal more skin. That’s when a DIY body shimmer spray comes in handy.  

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This DIY body shimmer recipe will give your skin a hint of color, softness, and a natural glow. It’s easy and quick to apply with a fine mist spray bottle and there’s no greasy mess!

What is a Body Shimmer Spray?

A body shimmer spray, sometimes called a bronzing spray, glow mist, or body glow spray is used to add a gentle touch of color and shine to the skin. There are three types of body shimmer: lotion, powder, and spray. All of which creates a natural sun-kissed appearance that makes a huge difference (especially in my confidence to reveal more skin).

But each can come with a pricey label and questionable ingredients. Which is why I recommend making your own shimmer body spray. 

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What’s in a DIY Body Shimmer Spray?

Basically, a DIY body shimmer spray is of clear liquids and shimmery powder. And it’s usually applied with a fine mist spray bottle. This is the gorgeous perfume bottle I used to make mine. 

I have seen a lot of body shimmer hacks combining baby oil and crushed up old glitter eyeshadow. Here’s the thing, the baby oil will give your skin a greasy, oily feeling and old makeup – yuck! Clogged pores and clothing stains, anyone? 

If you want a beautiful glow to your skin this summer here’s what to do instead! 

Here’s how to make a DIY body shimmer spray the right way!  It’s easy and quick to apply with a fine mist spray bottle and there’s no greasy mess!

Here’s how to make a body shimmer spray the right way!  

This body shimmer recipe will give your skin a hint of color, softness, and a natural glow. It’s easy and quick to apply with a fine mist spray bottle and there’s no greasy mess! 

It starts with a splash of alcohol-free coconut water witch hazel a combination of cooling aloe vera, coconut water, and soothing witch hazel to refresh your skin. Then 10 drops of essential oil can be added to the witch hazel. You can opt for a cooling essential oil like peppermint, a calming oil like lavender, or just your favorite blend. I added Stress Away, a distinct blend of lime, lavender, vanilla extract, and more. It’s known for its unique relaxing oasis of aroma!  

But, if it’s a nourishing skincare oil you’re after, find our ultimate list of the best essential oils for skin care here or grab all six of the printable essential oil skincare reference guides in the Oily Chic Library.

For a beautiful bronze sheen, gold mica powder is added. Any bronze, gold shade of natural mica powder can give skin a lovely glow without staining clothes.  

Then fractionated coconut oil is included to hydrate skin as a natural light-weight moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Because dry skin certainly gets a lot of attention in the winter, but the dry heat of summer can zap your skin of moisture too. Not to mention it’s one of the best carrier oils to blend with essential oils. 

Last this natural body bronzer is topped with distilled water for smooth application. All together it’s the perfect essential oil recipe for a sun-kissed glow! 

DIY Body Shimmer Spray Ingredients:

1 60ml glass perfume bottle 

4 teaspoons alcohol-free coconut witch hazel

10 drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

4 teaspoons fractionated coconut oil

2 teaspoons gold mica powder

2 teaspoons distilled water (approximately to fill) 

How to Make Body Shimmer Spray:

1. Using a mini funnel pour 4 teaspoons of coconut witch hazel into a 60ml glass perfume bottle. Add 10 drops of essential oil and swirl the bottle around to evenly blend the scent into the witch hazel. 

2. Then pour 4 teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil into the mixture and swirl again. 

3. Next, slowly scoop 2 teaspoons of gold mica powder into the funnel. Tap the funnel as needed to help the mica powder through. 

4. Fill the bottle with approximately 2 teaspoons of distilled water last to help any mica powder stuck in the funnel to go down. 

5. Place the spray top and cap on the bottle. Then give it a good swirl to combine. 

Note: The mica powder will settle to the bottom when not in use. Simply swirl before applying or rock it from side to side. 

How To Apply a DIY Shimmer Spray, the Grown-Up Way

How To Apply a Shimmer Spray, the Grown-Up Way

How do you use a shimmer spray and not come out looking like a teenager from the 90s or with a bad spray tan? When used properly this DIY body shimmer spray will work as a natural body bronzer for summer-ready skin. Its gold-toned shimmer is great for enhancing a glowy and sun-kissed look as opposed to an orange spray tan or a glitter disco ball. 

When you shake the bottle and press down the pump a super-fine gold shimmer will add a fresh shine and tint of color to light skin and extra glow to dark skin. We’ve got several tips below on how to get the most out of body shimmer spray. 

Quick Tips on How to Use a Body Shimmer Spray

  • In case you missed it in the instructions, the gold mica powder will settle to the bottom after it has been sitting. Naturally, we like to give things a shake to mix. But, to avoid clogging the spray nozzle, I recommend swirling the bottle or a side to side rocking motion to blend the mixture. I haven’t had any trouble with the perfume bottle I used. 
  • For best application apply to moisturized skin. Think just after applying lotion not dripping wet from the shower. 
  • To apply spray 4 to 6 inches away from your body in long strokes. If you get too much coverage in one area or not enough in another – just massage into your skin before it dries. I always use my hands to do this on my arms and for hard to reach places. 
  • If it’s not as shimmery or as dark as you like it you can apply more or add more mica powder to your spray. 
  • Mica powder comes in lots of colors and shades. If you’d rather have a copper ton than gold – go for the copper mica powder or a bronze mica powder. You can even mix different mica powders for just the right tone. 
  • The color and shimmer temporary and will wash off in water. So if you planning on a swim, tuck your bottle of shimmer spray in your bag to go and apply after towel drying off. 
  • Did you know you can spray this into your hair too? Yep, it’s safe for hair and will give you a boost of shine and sparkle for beachy mermaid hair. 

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If it’s a glowy, skin-kissed look you’re after this DIY body shimmer spray is just the thing! The results are just as beautiful as store-bought options but without the price tag. 

If it’s a glowy, skin-kissed look you’re after this DIY body shimmer spray is just the thing!

Have you tried this DIY body shimmer spray? What essential oils did you include? I’d love to hear, leave me a comment or tag #oilychic on Instagram

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  1. Daniela Arruda says:

    i love your posts!
    Do you have the recipe of a liquid bronzer with a just sun kissed color and no shine?

    1. Thanks Daneila, I don’t – makeup recipes are hard to DIY. Especially when you’re dealing with so many skin types and skin issues.

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