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How to Make Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes

We’ve got all the details on how to make essential oil roller bottle recipes from start to finish, including a handy printable essential oil dilution chart for 10 ml roller bottles! 

If you’re living an oily lifestyle, too, I am sure you’ll agree roller bottles are one the best ways to apply essential oils!

I mean, who else has poured a carrier into their hand, added drops of essential oil, rubbed their hands together, and tried to apply it? Every time I’ve done this, I dripped half of it elsewhere, wasting the oils!

Yeah, I’ll opt to use an essential oil roller bottle any day.

Not only are they convenient, but the beauty is that you can make an essential oil roller bottle recipe with just a single oil or a blend of oils geared toward your needs.

And they are, in fact, quite simple to make with an essential oil dilution chart and a great carrier oil. 

I’ve got a free printable dilution chart, tips for choosing the best carrier oil, my fave roller bottles, and ten roller blends every woman needs!

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empty glass essential oil roller bottles with glass roller inserts in a gold bowl and gold lids

How do you make an essential oil roller bottle?

Learning how to make essential oil roller bottle recipes is the gateway to really getting the most out of your essential oils.

Because you can safely apply them topically in a roller bottle, you can more easily get oils where you need them the most—on your temples, tummy, or neck and shoulders, for example. 

In any case, making an essential oil roller bottle begins with choosing a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils. 

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What is a carrier oil? 

The term basically means the oil will carry the essential oil onto and across the skin. There are many options for using carrier oils for essential oil blending. The best are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, while others are better used for cooking or whatnot.

See a complete list of what carrier oils to avoid and what to use to make essential oil roller bottle recipes!

How Much Essential Oils Should I Use?

Look, here’s the deal, 

Essential oil roller bottles are the fastest and easiest way to apply oils. Whether you need to get some good sleep, are experiencing some tummy troubles, or just need help to stay focused during a challenging task – a roller bottle is the best option! 

The most important thing to remember for essential oil roller bottle recipes is dilution. Due to their high concentration, essential oils must be safely diluted before applying to the skin.

This is where an essential oil dilution chart designed for roller bottles comes into play!


This chart shows how many drops of essential oil to add to a 10 ml roller bottle, defined by use.

However, you can refer to the percentage on the chart to determine how much essential oil to use for larger essential oil bottles, such as 15 ml roller bottles, 30 ml perfume bottles, or other containers.

You’ll fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil

Essential Oil Dilution based on a common 10 ml bottle:

  • 1 DROP = 0.5% – recommended for infants  
  • 2 DROPS = 1% – recommended for pregnancy, children, and sensitive skin
  • 4 DROPS = 2% – recommended for common daily use
  • 10 DROPS = 5% – recommended for nonsensitive, short-term use

I find it helpful to print the essential oil dilution chart and refer to it when making roller bottles or other topical essential oil products. Pin this or print it from the Oily Chic Library.

printable essential oil dilution chart

What are the best roller bottles for essential oils?

Making essential oil roller bottle recipes is our favorite way to apply oils. They are so convenient – easy to take with you in your purse or diaper bag and easy to stash in your desk and nightstand drawers.

Which roller bottles are the best? Essential oil roller bottles come in so many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. That’s why we’re sharing with you the best roller bottles for essential oil recipes we’ve used and all the things we consider when choosing one. 


First and foremost, we choose the size of our roller bottle depending on what we’ll use it for and how often we’ll use it.

  • If we intend to use an essential oil roller bottle recipe every day, a 15 ml or 30 ml bottle will last us longer.
  • However, if we’re making a roller bottle, we want to take with us a 10 ml bottle is best as it fits in all essential oil bags


The second thing we consider when choosing roller bottles is the roller ball type. In our experience, glass and stainless steel work best. Avoid plastic rollerballs, as they won’t last long and are known to leak.

Tip – You can see a comparison of several types here. 


I know some of us are sticklers when it comes to the material used for a roller bottle. Yes, it’s true, a dark amber glass, metallic rose gold, or bamboo roller bottle will keep direct sunlight out and keep your oils from losing their potency. But, it’s very acceptable to use essential oil roller blends in clear glass, as I explain in great detail here

A roller blend or essential oil perfume isn’t something you’ll be storing for a long time. In most cases, you’ll be tucking them into a bag or drawer for quick daily use away from sunlight anyway. So, there’s no harm in using a clear glass container. 


Once we’ve decided on the first 3, it’s all down to style. And there’s a lot to go around in the essential oil roller bottle world! Diamonds, circles, cubes, and geos are some of the most popular shapes. The styles are endless, and you can scroll through more of our favorites in the Oily Chic Lookbook

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How to Make Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes

I’m going to say it – “It’s as easy as 1-2-3” to make an essential oil roller bottle.

  1. Remove the roller ball from the 10 ml roller bottle and add each drop of essential oil first. (See our recipes below)
  2. Using a mini funnel designed for small bottles, such as roller bottles, add your carrier oil. The best carrier oils for essential oil recipes are derived from plants and have little to no aroma. We love fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. 
  3. Remove the mini funnel and carefully press the roller ball into the bottle until it clicks. Then, simply shake the bottle to thoroughly blend the essential oils into the carrier before applying. 

See, it really is that easy!

10 Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes Every Woman Needs

After making our fair share of essential oil blends, we’ve narrowed it down to ten roller blends every woman needs! 

Each recipe is already diluted for nonsensitive, short-term use for adults. Short-term means you don’t reapply the same roller more than three times in the same place in a single day.

These ten essential oil roller bottle recipes may be our gold standard but go for it if you have other ideas. You can also adjust each recipe as needed to suit your needs. 

Don’t have an essential oil listed? Just leave it out. And don’t worry if you add an extra drop or two. Some oils are thinner than others and just come out fast. You’ll get the hang of it! 

Breathe Deep Roller Blend:

You know those times when it feels like you can’t catch your breath or your chest just feels heavy? Yeah, this blend of eucalyptus and wintergreen is for that!

5 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Wintergreen essential oil

Liquid Sleep Roller Blend

We natural multitaskers are the worst at making sleep a priority. Fill a roller bottle with this tranquil blend of Lavender, Frankincense, and Vanilla to encourage a good night’s sleep.

4 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Frankincense essential oil

2 drops Vanilla essential oil

TIP: Use this blend to make a pillow spray for restful sleep.

Tummy Un-Tangler Roller Blend

I think you get the picture when we say tummy untangler. Apply this one right where you need it.

7 drops DiGize essential oil

3 drops Peppermint essential oil

Seasonal Sniffles Roller Blend

The same can be said for seasonal sniffles. This blend of zesty lemon, calming lavender, and peeping peppermint always seems to do the trick!

3 drops Lemon essential oil

2 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Peppermint essential oil

Get Focused Roller Blend

Essential oils are our go-to for staying focused. Add this blend to a roller to apply when you feel distracted.

4 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Lime essential oil

2 drops Ylang-Ylang essential oil

1 drop Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil

BONUS: Grab a printable chart of focus diffuser blends!

Happy As A Lark Roller Blend

You’ll feel as happy as a lark with this blend of bright, uplifting essential oils!

5 drops Geranium essential oil

3 drops Grapefruit essential oil

1 drop Orange essential oil

DIY: Try this blend in a body spray recipe for an extra happy mist!

Headache Melt Roller Blend

With this amazing trio, you can help put an end to that familiar pounding feeling in your head. Of course, we’re not Doctors, but we do keep a bottle of this in our desk drawers.

4 drops Peppermint essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

1 drop Copaiba essential oil

Wellness Roller Blend 

There’s nothing wrong with giving your wellness a boost.

4 drops Thieves essential oil

2 drops Frankincense essential oil

2 drops Lemon essential oil

Energy Zing Roller Blend

What woman couldn’t use a boost of energy once a day? Pop this blend of spearmint and lemon into a roller bottle to take with you!

6 drops Spearmint essential oil

4 drops Lemon essential oil

The Cat’s Meow Roller Blend

We saved the best roller blend recipe for last. It is none other than the cat’s m-e-o-w.

4 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Valor essential oil

2 drops Stress Away essential oil

1 drop Vetiver essential oil

Use these ten essential oil roller bottle recipes as your gold standard because they cover all your basic needs. Print these charts and many more essential oil printables from the Oily Chic Library!

If you made one of our recipes, we want to know which is your favorite! Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share yours with us. Oh, and don’t forget your essential oil printable above. 

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