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Essential Oils 101

  • Clove Essential Oil Uses

    What is clove essential oil good for? I’m happy to report there’s plenty of clove essential oil uses to be had.

    What is clove essential oil good for? Try a fun pumpkin spice sugar scrub, a sweet vanilla and clove body spray, or make a calming clove essential oil bath melt. No matter which clove essential oil DIY you try, I know you’ll be glad you found more ways to use clove.

  • How to Use Cinnamon Essential Oil

    What is cinnamon essential oil used for? Here’s ten ways to use cinnamon to make bath bombs, room spray, soap, lip balm and more.

    Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon? In this season of short days and fleeting warmth, turn to these creative cinnamon essential oil uses! Spice up your day with a diffuser blend, room spray, shower steamer or candle.

  • Essential Oil Blends for Travel

    Here are the best essential oil blends for travel to put together for your next trip with easy diffuser and roller blend recipes!

    Whether you’re looking for a diffuser blend to use in a hotel, or need a stress relieving roller blend, we’ve got you covered! Print the best travel essential oils for diffuser blends and roller bottle recipes here.