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8 Essential Oil Blends for Travel

Use these essential oil blends for travel on a printable chart for your next trip. We put together the best travel essential oils into diffuser blends and roller bottle recipes!

No matter what time of year or season it is, we all find ourselves traveling at some point or another. No matter if you’re prepping for a family vacation or packing for a business trip, we all know how taxing on the mind and body traveling can be. Taking your essential oils with you is amazing in and of itself, but optimizing the effect of essential oils to better your traveling? That reaches a whole new level. 

So whether you’re looking for a diffuser blend to use in a hotel or need a stress-relieving roller blend, we’ve got you covered with the best essential oil blends for travel!

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Wondering what essential oil is good for travel? We’ve got you covered - Print the best travel essential oils for diffuser blends and roller bottle recipes here.

What essential oil is good for travel?

Peppermint makes for the ideal energy booster! If you’ve traveled far enough, chances are you’re in a different time zone than normal. Changes to the body clock like this can mess up our energy levels, which in turn makes it harder to enjoy and make it through the day. 

If you’re going to be riding in the car for a long time or traveling across the sea and getting motion or sea sickness, you’re going to want to add ginger to your stash. It’s been known for centuries that ginger can ease nausea and vomiting. Next time you’re headed somewhere you think you might run into sea or motion sickness, be sure and pack some ginger essential oil!

But, if there is one essential oil that you should always have with you when you’re traveling, it’s lavender. Its calming properties help remedy jet lag, anxiety, and any unexpected burns or cuts on the skin. 

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What essential oil blends smell like the beach?

There’s almost nothing quite as peaceful and blissful as laying down on the beach and listening to the waves crash into the shore. Its repetition can be very lulling, and I’m not the first to say taking a little nap on the beach is a one-of-a-kind experience.

It can be easy to long for the beach even after we’ve gone back to the hotel for the day or are headed home. Keeping a piece of paradise with you wherever you go? Who wouldn’t want that? For a beach blend base, try sandalwood. The deep wood scent mixed with soft and sweet accents will take you right back to that peaceful warmth under the seaside sun when put together with something fresh like bergamot or lemon.

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What essential oils make a tropical scent?

What essential oils make a tropical scent?

When looking for tropical blends and scents, you’re gonna find the primary aroma of citrus. I don’t know about you, but when I think “tropical,” I think of palm trees and fresh fruit. 

Oils such as; tangerine, lime, blood orange, lemon, citrus fresh, bergamot, and orange will blend seamlessly with “calmer oils.” By that, I mean oils like jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and even Stress Away. If I’ve piqued your creativity, don’t be afraid to play around with different blends and aromas! You may find yourself blending something brand new and falling in love with it!

Now that we’ve covered a few broad topics, here are the best essential oil blends for travel to make for your next trip!

Here are the best essential oil blends for travel to put together for your next trip with easy diffuser and roller blend recipes!

8 Essential Oil Blends Perfect for Travel or On-The-Go

Find unique blends for diffusing and roller bottle recipes here. And don’t miss free printables of essential oil blends for travel for each below!


You can opt for a portable diffuser that needs no water and only requires a USB to operate for travel. Or you can make diffuser bombs by adding a blend to these little bottles as I did to travel.

Coastal Castaway

If you’re looking for an escape to the seaside cliffs, this is the diffuser blend for you. Soak up the sun, wind, and crashing waves in the hotel or at home with this coastal blend. (This essential oil blend for travel also makes for a great on-the-go room spray!)

2 drops Eucalyptus 

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Lime

Jet Lagged

Crashed at the hotel from a long and dragging flight? Try using this brilliant diffuser blend to help remedy that pesky jet lag! For an extra treat, make this blend into massage oil and enjoy a quick refresh!

3 drops Peppermint

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Grapefruit

At the Lake

While tropical destinations are, without a doubt, one of the most popular travel spots, what about lakeside retreats? That’s right; I’m talking about the fresh pine scents with soft ripples of water as the sun dips below the horizon.

2 drops Patchouli 

4 drops Lavender

2 drops Pine

Blissful Dreams

As I mentioned earlier, traveling a lot can easily throw off your body clock and make it a lot harder to fall asleep. This diffuser blend doubles as a DIY pillow spray! It calms the mind and will help lull your body to sleep no matter what time. 

4 drops Lavender

3 drops Peace and Calming

3 drops Stress Away


These roller blend recipes are designed for a 10 ml roller bottle. Fill the bottle with a blend, then fill the remaining with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.

Tummy Tangler

This roller blend is essential when traveling! Often we eat out or eat different foods while traveling, but that can lead to an upset stomach. This blend is easy to put together and quickly remedies tummy knots.

7 drops DiGize

3 drops Peppermint

Immunity Boost

Another risk of traveling is the chance of picking up sickness, which is why it’s always handy to have immune-boosting oils when you’re on the go. This essential oil roller blend simplifies it all into a 10ml bottle!

10 drops Thieves

10 drops Lemon

8 drops Frankincense

6 drops Oregano

Goodbye Motion Sickness

If you’re on the road or sea and happen to get sick while doing so but still long to enjoy traveling, this roller blend has your back! Say goodbye to motion sickness and hello to car rides without nausea.

5 drops Peppermint

3 drops Lavender

2 drops Ginger


If you have little ones, you know just how stressful it can be to travel with them. Try using this essential oil roller blend, made specifically with the kiddos in mind, if you’re finding words, just can’t get through to them at times.

6 drops Lavender

5 drops Bergamot

Print the best travel essential oils for diffuser blends and roller bottle recipes here.

Use these essential oils for travel on the go with these printable essential oil blends for travel sheets from the Oily Chic Library

Now the question becomes, how do you travel with essential oils?

Diffusers can take up quite a bit of space, and if you’re traveling on a plane, you know the fewer bags, the better. To solve that, use an essential oil portable diffuser that takes only a USB to use on the go with ease. Did you know you can make diffuser bombs by adding a blend to these little bottles, as I did?

If you’re just taking oils with you on a trip or need someplace to store all your roller bottles and oils, consider getting an essential oil carrying case or roller bottle bag!

Never made a roller blend before? We’ve already got that covered! Take a look at our roller blend guide and dilution guide! We also have some savvy tips and tricks on essential oil storage! Check those out here.

So next time you’re planning for a trip, don’t forget to pack some roller blends and keep a printable of all your favorite diffuser blends handy. It may surprise you just how helpful essential oils can be to traveling!


Here are the best essential oil blends for travel to put together for your next trip with easy diffuser and roller blend recipes!

P.S. Don’t forget the free essential oil printable charts above! Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share your essential oil blends with us.

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