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5 Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils Now

Here are five simple ways to use essential oils at home. Each presents easy ways to start using essential oils!

If you just opened a new essential oil bottle and are looking for a simple way to use it RIGHT NOW, I know the feeling. I felt the same way many times, like when I got my first bottle of Ylang Ylang – I couldn’t wait for another second to use it. Ylang Ylang has the best sweet floral smell, so I immediately made an essential oil perfume with it. 

And if you are brand new to essential oils, I can recall the itch to use them all! 

The ways to use essential oils are vast, as are the many types of oils. For example, we can find essential oil uses in cleaning, skincare, wellness, and beauty. They can be put to use and benefit our lives in many ways. 

This leads us to ask, “What essential oils are good for what? And where do I begin?”.  With so many essential oils to choose from, it’s not surprising many of us feel overwhelmed and confused. 

Luckily, you found yourself here because I’ve found five ways to use essential oils that are as easy as a walk in the park! 

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The world of essential oils is vast! But, it can be as intimidating as it is intriguing. May these five simple ways to use essentials help you get started now!

What are the two main ways essential oils can be used? 

You may have heard others say that there are basically two ways essential oils can be used. Well, they aren’t entirely wrong. All the ways to use essential oils fall under two categories. 


The first category, aromatic, is the one many of us are most familiar with. Essential oils can be used by diffusing or releasing them into the air. We do this more often than we might realize when we walk into a space diffusing essential oils either with a diffuser or reed diffuser, for example. This category also includes when we inhale an essential oil, purposely with a deep breath, like yoga. 


The second category is topical when the benefits of essential oils are absorbed through the skin. Learning how to apply essential oils topically is possibly the most confusing way to use essential oils.

Can you rub essential oils on your skin? Yes and No. Due to their high concentration, nearly all essential oils need to be properly diluted before applying to the skin with a carrier oil

And not only is it important to dilute it is also important to know what oils to use for each need and where to apply them. Here’s a list of several key areas to apply essential oils. 

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How do I start using essential oils? 

Because there are so many ways to use essential oils, it isn’t easy to know where to start. That’s why I put together this list of five simple ways to start using essential oils. You’ll find methods for the home, beauty, kids, and just for fun! Because essential oils don’t just smell good, they can support a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are five simple ways to use essential oils at home that you can enjoy now! Each presents easy ways to start using essential oils, you may have not thought of.

5 Simple Ways You Can Start Using Essential Oils Now

Here are five simple ways to use essential oils at home that you can enjoy now! Each presents easy ways to start using essential oils you may have not thought of. 

1. Diffusing Essential Oils

The easiest way to use essential oils by far is diffusing! And if enjoying the aromas is what you’re really after, essential oil diffuser blends make it so simple. You can instantly diffuse essential oils that make you feel relaxed, focused, sleepy, or energized by mixing and matching oils to create your desired ambiance in a blend. 

Start with refreshing spring, fun summer, or cozy diffuser blends. These essential oil blend printables will feel like a long-awaited breath of fresh air. Like this one from our spring blends – 

In the Garden

Drops of jasmine, geranium, and lavender create an unforgettable aroma of a flower garden in springtime. This trio can encourage calmness, relaxation, and great sleep. 

3 drops geranium

2 drops lavender

2 drops jasmine

When diffusing essential oils, don’t be afraid to experiment. Use our handy printable blending wheel to inspire you.

2. Simple Room Sprays

I love a good room spray, but many are aerosol (hello air quality alerts) and contain many chemical ingredients I can’t pronounce. Years ago, I stopped buying room sprays and happily discovered a simple, inexpensive, yet effective way to make a room spray with essential oils.

And it truly couldn’t be easier with my room spray base recipe. It’s just a four-step process: essential oil blend – witch hazel – water – shake.  

Making your own essential oil room spray truly couldn’t be easier when you use this room spray base recipe!

Coziest at Home

Autumn, winter, or a random Sunday, this essential oil room spray recipe has all our favorite aromas we find at home. Lavender in our linens, blue spruce in the study, as well as orange and cinnamon aromas from the kitchen. Bring them together in an essential oil room spray for feeling the coziest at home.  

15 drops Lavender

10 drops Northern Lights Blue Spruce

5 drops Orange 

5 drops Cinnamon 

Get nine room spray blends for the home, work, and travel -including the room spray blend above on a free printable you can download here. And don’t miss these spicy, warm fall essential oil room spray recipes

3. Foaming Hand Soap

If you’re looking for easy ways to use essential oils, how to make foaming hand soap is a great place to start! The process easy not only easy but making hand soap refills is definitely cheaper than buying too. 

And it’s one of those things that are so simple to make yourself. After you make the first, you’ll never stop. Choose from these 8 foaming hand soap recipes, grab an essential oil printable, and learn how to make foaming hand soap in a flash with the best smelling essential oil blends for soap! Here’s one to get you started:

Spiced Vanilla Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soap

15 drops vanilla 

5 drops clove

5 drops orange

¼ cup castile soap

1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin (optional)

Pour all of the ingredients into a 16-ounce foaming hand soap dispenser. Then fill the remaining ¾ of the way up with distilled or filtered water. 

4. Roller Bottles

If you’ve used essential oils before, I am sure you’ll agree essential oil roller bottles are one the best ways to apply essential oils. They are quite simple to make with an essential oil dilution chart and a great carrier oil

And the beauty of it is you can make an essential oil roller bottle recipe with just a single oil or a blend of oils geared toward your needs.  I’ve got all the details on how to make essential oil roller bottle recipes from start to finish, including a handy printable essential oil dilution chart for 10 ml roller bottles here that every woman needs! 

But, we can’t forget the kids, support their big emotions, keep them well, or help them sleep better with essential oils. Essential oil roller blends are the fastest way to apply oils when you need them most. Start with one of my daughter’s favorites and find more here

Bear Hug Roller Bottle Blend 

5 drops lavender

2 drops vetiver

2 drops northern lights blue spruce

Add the drops from the Bear Hug roller blend to a 10 ml roller bottle, like these. Then fill the remaining with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.

5. Bath Salts

Rowdy kids, a demanding boss, countless loads of laundry, or a long “to-do list” have nothing on you when you can make homemade bath salts! 

Essential oils can help you reach the ultimate relaxation from the comfort of your bathtub when you tailor your choices based on your needs. Find a printable essential oil blend list and quick instructions for creating DIY bath salt recipes, including our Stress Less baths salts.

Essential oil bath salts not only help relieve the stress weighing on our minds they also help our bodies release stress. Here’s 8 DIY bath recipes you can make in a flash!

Stress Less Bath Salts Recipe

As the name suggests, this essential oil blend can help you stress less when you feel tired and cranky. Combine ½ cup Epsom Salt and ½ cup Dead Sea Salt in a medium glass bowl with this bath salt essential oil blend:

3 drops Lime

2 drops Stress Away

3 drops Spearmint

There are so many ways to use essential oils it is difficult to know where to start. That’s why I put together this list of five simple ways to start using essential oils.

The world of essential oils is vast! But, it can be as intimidating as it is intriguing. May these five simple ways to use essentials help you get started now! 


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