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Fun Confetti Soap for Kids – It’s Bizarrely Easy to Make This Essential Oil Soap Recipe!

Have you ever tried an essential oil soap recipe? This fun confetti soap for kids is bizarrely easy to make! OH YEAH, you can make this super cute essential oil kid-friendly soap recipe from scratch in no time. 

Venture with me into the soap making field today. I promise you’ll come out the other side with something extra sweet your kids will love making and using too. My daughter started making soap with me when she was three years old and the fun hasn’t stopped yet. 

So, if you’ve always wanted to try making soap from home with your kids, now’s your chance with this brilliantly easy essential oil soap recipe!

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If you’ve always wanted to try making soap from home with your kids, now’s your chance with this brilliantly easy essential oil soap recipe!

This DIY Confetti Soap for Kids Takes The Cake

Kids love CAKE! Especially confetti cake, popularly called funfetti cake for good reasons. How can you not have fun with all those confetti sprinkles? 

This confetti soap recipe for kids is just as irresistible- 

  • Deliciously scented with vanilla essential oil 
  • Super-sudsy, lather. Yep, it’ll clean up germs too
  • 100% natural – no harsh surfactants or parabens here
  • Unmistakable funfetti appeal
  • Use in the bath, shower, or by-the-sink to wash hands
  • Made with real confetti soap sprinkles

If you love confetti desserts such as ice cream and cake pops, you will love our confetti soap recipe for kids!

Kids love making things by hand. And when it looks and smells like cake – you can’t go wrong. I know my daughter is incredibly proud when she makes something to give to others. As you can clearly see in the photos proudly holding up her confetti soap bars she made for her cousins.

And I especially love teaching her to make purposeful things. (If you are a homeschool mom too, this essential oil soap recipe makes a great science project!) 

Altogether, this kid-friendly soap recipe is a hit! 

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But, wait if you’re thinking soap making is too hard – I’ve got you covered…

Let’s be honest, not all of us want to bring lye into our homes or spend hundreds of dollars on soap making equipment. The idea of spending a whole bunch of money on soap making equipment and supplies to only have your soaps flop or worse someone getting burned by lye is enough to scare any mommy away. 

How do you make essential oil soap without lye?

Well, I’m happy to tell you, any mommy can make soap without lye! Melt and pour soap bases can make your soap making plans easily achievable. 

But, I’ll be the first to admit, I have absolutely nothing against traditional cold process soap making. It’s totally safe if you know what you’re doing and worth the investment for some. 

I, on the other hand, prefer to make soap without handling lye with a melt and pour soap base. They make soap a flash to whip up, are very cost-effective, and the results are just as awesome! 

And in case you are wondering if melt and pour soap bases contain lye. Yes, of course, they do. But, the soap base has already gone through the saponification process of the oils reacting with lye. So, the base is safe for even kids to handle straight out of the package.  

I choose our favorite soap base, goat milk, because it’s so creamy, never irritates our skin, and is basically scent-free. So we can add scent to our soap recipes with essential oils

Have you ever tried an essential oil soap recipe? This fun confetti soap for kids is bizarrely easy to make!

How much essential oil do you put in soap?

How much essential oil you put in a soap recipe will play a big role in the amount of scent and scent retention. Let’s make sure you get this right. 

For melt and pour soap recipes it’s best to add .25 ounces of essential oils per pound of soap. 

For example, with this essential oil soap recipe, we’re using a ½ lb of goat milk soap. That means we’ll need ¾ teaspoon of vanilla essential oil because .25 ounce is equal to 1 ½ teaspoons. Which comes to about 60 drops or just under 4 m of essential oil. For simplicity’s sake, add three-fourths of a 5 ml essential oil bottle. 

(And if you don’t have vanilla essential oil you can substitute it for clear vanilla extract.) 

With this amount, you’ll have the sweet aroma of confetti cake, blended into creamy goat milk, and topped with colorful confetti soap sprinkles. 

How do you make soap sprinkles?

Sprinkles are EVERYTHING when it comes to making a confetti cake. Sprinkle overload is boldly colorful, playful, and just all-around fun – hence funetti. And confetti soap is just the same. When it comes to how to make soap sprinkles you have two options. 

Option Number 1:

This is a more tedious option but it can be fun to do with older kiddos or teens. To create soap sprinkles grate soap bars of different colors using a cheese grater. 

Option Number 2:

This option on the other is the done-for-you solution to making soap sprinkles. Buy soap sprinkles that are ready to add to soap. (This is the option I choose.) 

Either way, once you have your soap sprinkles you can whip up this adorable soap in minutes! 

I couldn’t be more pleased with how this homemade confetti soap recipe turned out. It looks like confetti cake, smells like confetti cake, and just screams fun.

How do you make confetti soap? 

Before I got started, I thought essential oil soap was going to be so difficult to make, turns out it’s the opposite. If you’ve never made essential oil soap before, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s so much easier than you’re thinking. Way easier… after my first soap making experience I went through a soap making craze. I made so much essential oil soap, I think I gave some just about everyone we know. 

So, set your worries aside because this essential oil soap recipe only takes 3 ingredients to make! It’s a project your kids will ask to repeat too. Their eyes will light up with excitement when they add the vanilla essential oil and soap sprinkles to the soap base. 

Here’s What You’ll Need to Make Confetti Soap


½ lb goat milk soap base

¾ teaspoon vanilla essential oil

¼ teaspoon confetti soap sprinkles

Soap Making Tools:

oval silicone soap mold

soap knife

metal whisk

glass measuring cup

Confetti Essential Oil Soap Recipe:

1. Prep Soap Mold – 

Prepare the oval silicone soap mold by cleaning, drying, and spritzing with rubbing alcohol. 

2. Chop Soap Base –

Carefully slice and chop 1/2 pound of goat milk melt and pour soap base into cubes that are approximately ½” to 1” in size using a soap knife

3. Melt Soap Base –

Scoop the chopped goat milk soap base into a large glass measuring cup with a spout. Then place it in the microwave and melt the soap base in 30 seconds intervals, stirring intermittently to avoid burning for approximately 1 ½ minutes.

4. Add Essential Oil –

Promptly remove the melted soap base from the microwave and add ¾ teaspoon of vanilla essential oil or substitute for clear vanilla extract. Blend the vanilla thoroughly into the soap using a metal whisk. 

5. Pour Soap –

After blending the essential oil into the soap carefully pour the mixture evenly between 3 sections of the oval soap mold, avoiding overflow.

6. Add Soap Sprinkles –

Last sprinkle the ¼ teaspoon confetti soap sprinkles between each filled soap section. Feel free to add more to your liking. Stir with a toothpick or leave it as is. 

Recipe Notes:

  • Allow confetti soap to cool in the mold for one to two hours or until solid before removing. 
  • This essential oil soap recipe makes 3 oval soap bars, but can easily increase that amount by doubling the recipe to fill the whole soap mold. 
  • If needed, spritz the soap tops with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles in the soap. 

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 This fun confetti soap for kids is bizarrely easy to make! Infact, any mommy can make essential oil soap without lye using this soap recipe for kids.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how this homemade confetti soap recipe turned out. It looks like a confetti cake, smells like a confetti cake, and just screams fun. 

You just can’t go wrong with this essential oil soap from a 3 ingredient recipe to simple step-by-step instructions. Make some with kids this week or celebrate a birthday or other fun occasion. Pin this kid-friendly soap recipe now for an easy-to-make essential oil project.

Have you made this confetti soap for kids? Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share yours with us.

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