Essential Oil Storage Ideas

Does Essential Oil Storage Matter?

Well, let’s face it – essential oils are not cheap! And the process of extracting oils from plants requires a lot in order to produce just a small amount of oil.

Essential oils can diminish in quality if not stored correctly. Which is reason enough…

Diffusing Essential Oils

Ready to Start Diffusing Essential Oils?

If you love using essential oils for blending roller bottles or skin care, then you’re going to love diffusing essential oils!

Diffusing essential oils in your airspace is a great way to enjoy them while creating a desired ambience! Such as relaxing, focusing, or…

The Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

Finding the Best Essential Oils for Skin Care

With so many essential oils to choose from how do you know which are the best essential oils for skin care?

Your skin is the most certainly one of the first things anyone notices about you. And it’s probably THE FIRST THING…