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Decadent Rose Gold Snap Bar Wax Melts DIY

Follow this snap bar wax melts DIY to make decadent rose gold wax melt bars in a snap! Plus – gain tips for snap bar packaging and how to use a melt bar best.

Whether you’re looking for a natural air freshener, a unique wedding gift idea, or a fun essential oil DIY, snap bars are it!

What is a snap bar? Also called wax melt bars or candle snaps, they are essentially easy-to-use wickless candles. 

There’s no doubt about it. You’ll quickly fall in love with this captivating pairing of feminine lavender and geranium essential oils, balanced by masculine Palo Santo. Hand-poured into natural creamy wax, bursting with decadent rose petals and gold flakes, these snap bars may just steal your heart! 

But don’t let their beauty fool you. 

Snap bars can be made in minutes in your kitchen!

I’ll show how to make wax melt snap bars at home, along with tips for best use, and answers for how to package wax melt bars.

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But don’t let their beauty fool you. This snap bar wax melts DIY can be made in minutes in your kitchen!

How do you use a wax melt snap bar?

Follow these steps for how to use a melt bar to release a whisper of romance in your space with delicate floral notes intermingled with a sweet, woody aroma. 

  1. Snap off one section from the bar, just like snapping off a piece from a dark chocolate bar. One snap is enough, ha, ha.
  2. Place it in the tray of an electric or tea light warmer.
  3. Turn on the warmer or light an unscented tea light inside the warmer.
  4. As the chunk of wax melts the essential aroma will fill the space. 
  5. Once completely melted, turn off the warmer or extinguish the tea light with a wick dipper. (You will continue to enjoy the aroma as the wax solidifies again.)  

Did you know that you can reuse the same piece from the snap bar several times until the scent disappears? Heck, yes! Simply remove it from the warmer and snap off a new piece to enjoy when you no longer smell the aroma.

How long does a wax melt snap bar last?

I hope you’re sitting because it may shock you that snap bars will last 10 hours per snap. And there are five snaps (pieces) per bar, so that’s 50 hours of essential oil aromatherapy in one snap bar! 

I wish chocolate bars lasted that long!

Lasting longer than chocolate and a bouquet of roses, these rose gold snap bar wax melts are the ultimate glow-up gift! Their unique style and use are sure to dazzle engagement, bridal showers, and Valentine’s Day parties! 

With a beautiful, romantic aroma wrapped in rose petals and gold – you can’t go wrong.

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How do you package wax melt bars? When it comes to snap bar wax melt packaging, creativity is key! Here’s a list of ideas to enhance the unboxing experience.

How do you package wax melt bars?

When it comes to snap bar wax melt packaging, creativity is key! Here’s a list of ideas to enhance the unboxing experience.

– – – – –

What can you package wax melts in?

  • Think outside the box—consider eco-friendly pouches, chic tins, reusable containers, or recycled cardboard boxes designed for chocolate bars.
  • Experiment with vibrant labels or DIY wrapper labels often used for chocolate. These gold foil wraps are so fun!
  • If you’re selling snap bars, explore options that reflect your brand’s vibe with unique graphics and your signature style. You may consider these sleeves that fit each snap bar and come with thank you stickers. Or this set that includes safety stickers.
  • For personalized gifts, try monogram stickers or wax seals!

No matter what you choose, your snap bar packaging should be as enticing as the scents it holds—so make it a visual treat!

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How To Make Snap Bar Wax Melts

Follow this snap bar wax melts DIY to make decadent rose gold bars that’ll steal your heart! 

Snap Bars Wax Melt Instructions

Sprinkle ½ tablespoon rose petals across the snap bar mold. Then, use tweezers to add ½ tablespoon gold flakes around the rose petals. 

Next, place a large glass liquid measuring cup on a digital scale. Tap to tare the weight and measure .59 pounds of soy wax beads

Place the measuring cup filled with wax inside the microwave. (Ensure you’re using soy wax that is microwave-safe.) Then microwave for three intervals of 45 seconds.  Stir the wax as needed in between heating with a silicone spatula. Monitor the heat of the wax with a no-touch infrared thermometer, not letting it rise above 160 degrees. 

After the wax has melted, let it cool to 150°F before adding each essential oil. Add 15 ml lavender essential oil, 10 ml geranium essential oil, and 4.5 ml Palo Santo essential oil for a total of 1 ounce of fragrance. 

Thoroughly incorporate the essential oils into the wax by slowly stirring for a constant two minutes. (It’s a dreamy two minutes of aromatherapy!) 

Slowly pour the scented wax into each section of the snap bar mold. 

Wait 24 hours before popping out each snap bar by pressing up on the silicone mold under each bar.

Now you can experience the hand-poured luxury of fragrant wax, adorned with rose petals and gold flakes with this snap bar wax melts DIY!


Learn how to make melt snap bars at home, along with tips for best use and answers for how to package wax melt bars.
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