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3 Ways Styled Stock Photos Can Grow Your Business + Free Stock Photos

Styled stock photos can quickly grow your business with these three proven methods.

We only have a few seconds to capture a potential customer or client’s attention online. Making a great first impression on Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform is essential to building a successful business of any kind! Styled stock photos can make this first and most important step to growing a business SO MUCH EASIER.

Why? Because styled stock photography can provide a visual that others (a.k.a. potential clients and customers) can instantly connect with. They, in turn, create a spark of interest in your product or service. 

What Are Styled Stock Photos?

Styled stock photos are defined as professional photography geared toward use on blogs, social media platforms, online shops, ebooks, online courses, etc. They offer a simplified way to elevate your brand visually without requiring the time, energy, or skill to take your own photos.

How do styled stock photos differ from basic stock photos? Typically stock photo sites such as Unsplash or Shutter Stock lack either a professional appeal or are too general. Meaning they lack consistency, purpose, and a certain style. Many of these big stock photo sites began over a decade ago; their stock library is full of images that don’t relate to today’s consumer. 

There’s more…

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How to put styled stock photography to work in your business. Here’s 3 proven ways to use stock photos.

When Should You Use Styled Stock Photos?

Here’s the thing: if you’re a blogger, influencer, instructor, coach, or another type of business offering a product or service online – you need styled stock photos! 

Should you stop using personal photos in your business? No way! Styled stock photos are created to fill in the gaps. They make it super easy to talk about your business, share an offer, or provide insight into what you do or why you are in business to start with. 

So, if you’re wondering when you should use styled photos? Today’s a good day as any to get started. That’s why I’m sharing three ways styled stock photos can grow your business, no matter if you’ve been in business for years or are just setting up. 

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How to put styled stock photography to work in your business. Here are 3 proven ways to use stock photos.

3 Ways Styled Stock Photos Can Grow Your Business

Styled stock photos can be a tremendous help in the growth of your business. These three proven ways to use styled stock photos are just the beginning. 

1. How to Use Styled Stock Photos to Save Time

As a professional photographer, I know firsthand how time-consuming it is to plan, style, photograph, edit, and curate eye-catching content. And if you’re a work-at-home mom like me, you may often feel overwhelmed with all the day-to-day tasks of raising children and managing a home and a business. Taking picture-perfect photos might be the last thing on your mind.

But, if you want to grow your business, putting photography to the side is not an option. If you have an email list, blog, Instagram profile, or Facebook page, you need photos a lot! Most businesses share content at a minimum of once a day. 

Take, for example, Instagram if you alternate a personal photo and styled stock photos. You could post 5 times a week by only taking 2 photos yourself. Now think about how much time you would save if you used stock photos to create Pinterest pins and email graphics too!

Cutting down the number of photos you need to take is one incredible timesaver. The time freed up could be spent on business goals, product creation, more time with your kids, or a little self-care (essential oil bath salts, anyone?). 

How to put styled stock photography to work in your business. Here’s 3 proven ways to use stock photos.

2. How to Grow Your Audience with Style Stock Photos

Let me ask you, do you repin or share social media posts that are clearly taken with a cell phone in terrible lighting? Or do you love sharing pretty photos, great ideas, and really good content with your audience? 

I think it’s safe to say most of us are drawn to the latter. Pretty and polished, with great information behind it, will always perform better when it comes to online marketing. 

Here’s how styled stock photos can grow your audience: 

– Increases your Instagram followers – they’ll want to see more of what you share

– Keep users on your site longer versus a quick click away

– Convey your brand messaging professionally

– Highly improved Pinterest graphics equals more clicks to your site, product, or service 

– Enhanced overall brand image

– Better engagement with each social media post and email. Think repins, likes, comments, shares, and replies

Put styled stock photography to work in your business, creating compelling content browsers want to check out and share. Thus driving traffic to your offer and growing your audience at the same time. 

3. How to Create Cohesive Branding with Styled Stock Photography

We’ve all heard it before; cohesive branding helps a business stand apart from the rest. This is clearly seen when we think of Target, Coca-Cola, or Disney. Most businesses start with a name, then a logo, then a color scheme or fonts. But in reality, it should all start with a message and/or purpose followed by imagery that evokes the message and or purpose. 

The photos you use to define your business will do this even if you do not intend it. Random imagery that doesn’t fit with your purpose and low-quality photos, for that matter, won’t help you grow your business. In fact, they could even hurt your brand image. 

While styled stock photography can help you create a recognizable brand so that when people come across your business online, they remember you, instantly recognizing your content and stop scrolling as soon as they see it. Because strong, cohesive branding presents your product or service with clarity and helps you stand apart from the rest. 

You see, the photos you choose to represent your business play an essential part in the overall way your brand is received. 

Look at the last 25 images you’ve shared and answer the following questions:

Are the images you are using providing an experience in a way that makes your audience feel like they know you? 

Are they building a trust factor?

Do they illustrate your brand messaging or purpose?  

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, it’s time you started using style stock photos. 

Where To Find Styled Stock Photography

Business owners wear a lot of hats, and photography need not always be one of them if your time is much better spent on other things. This is where styled stock photos can help you develop cohesive, consistent branding without the need to take your own photos.

By now, your likely asking yourself, “How do I find stock photos?”. I put together a great resource of places to find free stock photos for girl bosses. In fact, you can download a free pack of unique, essential oil styled stock photography right here. Each is already sized for Instagram and designed to help you share your favorite essential oil recipes, diffuser blends, or lifestyle tips!

Looking for free stock photos with a feminine look? Download our free stock photo pack for girl bosses!



if you are serious about building a cohesive brand for your business, I recommend investing in a paid stock photo membership. If your photos aren’t achieving the level of success you want, let Oily Chic Stock Boss help you fast-track your business by spending less time learning ALL THE THINGS that photography encompasses and significantly reducing the expense of professional equipment, lighting, and spaces. 

Sharing stunning photos with your purpose, stories, and passion is ACHIEVABLE with Oily Chic Stock Boss!  

Creating a cohesive social feed to reach your target audience doesn’t need to be overwhelming; in fact, it can be delightful. Sharing stunning photos with your purpose, stories, and passion is ACHIEVABLE with Oily Chic Stock Boss!  

Using styled stock photos for your business instead of taking your own or hiring a commercial photographer for photoshoots will save you time and money! Styled stock is already planned, created, edited, sized, and ready to be downloaded and used. 

Pin these 3 ways to style stock photos can grow your business to Pinterest Business Tips Board, and don’t forget your free stock photo pack above. 

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