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Easy to Make DIY Hair Perfume Mist

You’ll fall for this easy-to-make DIY hair perfume mist made with the best smelling essential oils for hair. Find 4 unique, essential hair perfume recipes and a free printable below! 

Many women agree that there are definite products we can’t live without when it comes to our hair. A hairbrush that detangles without causing breakage, a blow dryer that saves us time, a scalp detox scrub that clears away the gunk, and a weightless hair spray, for example. As such, we always keep these hair products within reach. 

But, there’s one must-have hair product you might be missing in your routine…

If you could have your favorite essential oils on your hair releasing a dreamy aroma with every head turn and hair toss, would you?

I thought you’d say yes, well it’s easy with a DIY hair perfume mist made with the best smelling essential oils for hair!

PAUSE- What is a hair perfume? Hair perfume, hair perfume mist, and hair perfume spray are the same. It is technically a fragrance specifically blended to make your hair smell good while nourishing your locks. 

Some hair perfume mists even help to detangle, cut down on frizz, or hydrate dead ends. 

Yep, a DIY hair perfume mist is one amazing product you can’t stop using once you try it! 

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You’ll fall for this easy-to-make DIY hair perfume mist made with the best smelling essential oils for hair.  You can’t stop using it once you try it!

How does hair perfume work?

Hair is a strong absorbent of scents. It’s like sticky fly tape hanging in a barn. Anything that comes near gets stuck. 

Rather you roasted marshmallows over a campfire last night, stayed over at a friend’s house, ate fast food in your car, fed the animals on the farm this morning, or all of the above – your hair will tell the story of where you’ve been. 

Hair perfume can neutralize unwanted odors in your hair. Applying a few spritzes throughout your tresses during the day can keep your hair smelling AMAZING. It also works as a refresher for 2nd-day hair. 

The more you think of it, the more you realize how much sense hair perfume makes. 

But, why not just use regular perfume? 

You might be thinking, is it OK to put perfume in your hair? Most, if not all, store-bought perfumes contain a lot of alcohol, which is very drying for hair. And many are loaded with Parabens, a suspected endocrine disruptor, in addition to various petrochemicals. Enough for me to say, NO, don’t just put any perfume in your hair. 

Instead, create your own DIY hair perfume mist with non-toxic ingredients that will nourish your hair throughout the day and keep your locks smelling sweet with the best essential oils for hair.

What essential oils make your hair smell good?

What essential oils make your hair smell good?

Before making an essential oil hair perfume, you gotta know what essential oils make your hair smell good?  AND which essential oils are beneficial for hair care? I’ve made it easy for you with a quick list of essential oils for hair available as a free printable too!

You’ll be happy to know the best smelling essential oils for hair are suitable for all hair types. 

The Best Smelling Essential Oils for Hair:

  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • cedarwood
  • sandalwood
  • peppermint
  • clary sage
  • ylang ylang
  • tea tree
  • rose
  • chamomile
  • lemon
  • juniper
  • jasmine
  • eucalyptus
  • lemongrass
  • geranium

Pin this list of the best smelling essential oils for hair now, or print it from our Oily Chic Library to use as a quick reference when making essential oil hair recipes.  

There’s more, 

As I shared in my DIY essential oil perfume tutorial, a great perfume consists of three unique notes: a top note, middle note, and base note. This standard holds true for a homemade hair perfume that will take you through the day. You’ll see why as you read about each note. 

Keep in mind: some essential oils can overlap between note levels. These are known as dual notes. And they lend us more flexibility when creating an essential oil perfume recipe at home. 

Take, for example, jasmine; it catches your nose at the first whiff, although it doesn’t dissipate quickly. Instead, the scent stays with you. This is why it can be used as a top or base note.  

What are the best smelling essential oils for hair?

Essential Oil Perfume Notes for Hair

Top Notes

A top note is most often light, uplifting, and fresh. It gives the first impression of a perfume. Meaning it is the scent your nose will detect first. Yet, it also the scent that will fade first. 

Top notes for hair perfume include: 

  • Jasmine
  • Clary Sage
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Rose

Middle Notes

Warm and soft middle notes make up the body of the scent. They are known to have a balancing effect within a perfume blend. Middle notes aren’t typically evident to your nose immediately. It can actually take a few minutes for your nose to pick up on them. 

Hair perfume middle notes include:

  • Geranium
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Lemongrass
  • Cedarwood

Base Notes

Rich, in-depth, and relaxing, base notes tend to be heavy. Their scent will last the longest. It is not uncommon for a base note to slow the evaporation of a top note, helping to extend the strength of the perfume. They are, in turn, the anchor of a perfume.

Base notes for hair perfume include:

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Jasmine
  • Cedarwood
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood

To make an essential oil hair perfume recipe select an essential oil for each note. Use the chart and notes above, as well as our essential oil blending wheel to guide you. With a little practice, you’ll learn what scents work well together. 

When you do find a blend of essential oils you love, write it down, so you can make it again. 

How to make 4 essential oil hair perfume recipes to make your hair smell good while nourishing your locks.

How to Make Hair Perfume

Rather you’ve picked up some unpleasant odors in your hair, or you want to freshen up in-between shampoo day, these DIY hair perfume mist recipes are the perfect solution! Nontoxic, alcohol-free, and long-lasting, here’s how to make essential oil hair perfume four ways! 

You’ll Need –

40 to 60 drops total of essential oils

1 tablespoon witch hazel 

6 tablespoons hydrosol 

4-ounce spray bottle 

Essential Oil Hair Perfume Recipes 

Bohemian Coconut Hair Perfume Recipe:

Top note: 15 drops lavender

Middle note: 30 drops jasmine

Base note: 10 drops sandalwood 

1 tablespoon coconut witch hazel 

6 tablespoons lavender hydrosol 

Earthy Hair Perfume Recipe:

Top note: 12 drops clary sage

Middle note: 20 drops rosemary

Base note: 8 drops cedarwood

1 tablespoon original witch hazel 

6 tablespoons peppermint hydrosol

Airy Citrus Hair Perfume Recipe:

Top note: 10 drops tea tree

Middle note: 30 drops lemongrass

Base note: 10 drops ylang ylang

1 tablespoon cucumber witch hazel 

6 tablespoons tea tree hydrosol 

Rose Vanilla Hair Perfume Recipe:

Top note: 10 drops rose

Middle note: 30 drops geranium

Base note: 12 drops vanilla

1 tablespoon rose witch hazel 

6 tablespoons rose hydrosol 

Using a small funnel, fill a 4-ounce spray bottle with each ingredient from one of the essential oil hair perfume recipes above or your own creation. Place the spray nozzle on and cap, then give it several swirls to infuse. 

How to use essential oil hair perfume.

How to Apply Hair Perfume:

Hair perfume is an extremely versatile product. I’ve found three ways you can apply it for luxurious smelling hair. 

  1. BEFORE BEDTIME: After washing your hair, apply your usual detangler or leave-in-conditioner. Comb through your trestles until tangle-free and lightly spray hair perfume on damp hair. Tie your hair in one or more braids and let the essential oils soak in while you sleep. You’ll wake up to dreamy locks!
  2. AFTER STYLING: Spritz your hair a few times as your last styling step, preferably to dry hair. Your hair will smell beautiful and feel fresh for hours. 
  3. PICK-ME-UP: Apply a few spritzes midday and again in the evening if you’re going out to hydrate (banish any odors you may have picked up) and refresh your hair. 

Great smelling hair has never been easier with a DIY hair perfume mist! You can apply it to wet or damp hair anytime your hair needs a refresher. 

Pin these easy-to-make DIY essential oil hair perfume recipes now, and don’t forget your essential oil printable above. 

Have you made a DIY hair perfume mist? Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share yours with us.

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  1. Judy Wadsworth says:

    Does this recipe need a preservative? If not, what is the shelf life?

    1. I don’t add additional preservatives, I simply use up my DIYs in 1 to 2 months. That’s why you won’t see me making 16 ounces or 32 ounces of anything.

  2. Hi there! I made one with rose and sandalwood and is simply amazing. But now I would like make one with vanilla and patchuli becouse are the favorite scents of my dougther but those scents aren´t in your list. Do you have any advice?

    1. Fabi, you could use those scents, they just won’t add any benefits to your hair like the others on the list.

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