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How to Create DIY Palo Santo Bundles For Smudging 

Create DIY Palo Santo bundles to discover the fun of smudging with eucalyptus and lavender. It’s like having a spa retreat at home!

After discovering how to make sage smudge sticks and learning the art of smudging, I couldn’t resist trying Palo Santo!  So, if you’ve ever wondered what this “holy wood” is all about, I’ve got the scoop. 

What makes this wood unique? Besides the fact that Palo Santo smells like a spa treatment, it packs a serious scared punch! Native to South America, this sacred tree is revered for its uplifting and purifying properties.

Who couldn’t use a little of that? From clearing negative vibes to promoting relaxation and improved focus – this stuff is the real deal. 

But wait, we’re taking it up a notch by crafting DIY Palo Santo bundles with botanicals and crystals. Yes, we’re going for all the positive vibes!

Let’s dive in, from selecting the perfect Palo Santo sticks to tying it all together with tips on how to use Palo Santo. 

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Level up your positive vibes with DIY Palo Santo bundles! Craft your unique smudging masterpiece with crystals and good intentions.

What Is Palo Santo Used For?

For centuries, Palo Santo has been used in various practices. These include cleansing spaces, inviting positive energy, generating focus, and enhancing meditation and mindfulness. 

What does burning Palo Santo do for you? 

The distinctive, fragrant smoke released by burning Palo Santo is believed to dispel negative energies, promote emotional well-being, and create a sense of tranquility and balance. 

From my experience, the woody, slightly sweet aroma of burning Palo Santo completely changes a space. And it makes me feel alive, yet calm at the same time. 

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Embrace serenity with these DIY Palo Santo bundles you can make at home. So, you don’t miss these Palo Santo benefits!!

5 Palo Santo Benefits You Can’t-Miss

What can you expect when it comes to Palo Santo smudge benefits? Well, I’m not the only one who noticed a shift in the room and a change in my mood. The Incas and Aztecs knew of its purifying properties long ago. 

And we can still benefit from its use today. Here are five benefits of smudging Palo Santo you can’t miss! 

Palo Santo Benefits:

  1. Clears negative energy and purifies the environment
  2. Improves focus and concentration
  3. Enhances relaxation and reduces stress
  4. Boosts moods and uplifts the spirit
  5. Invokes a sense of connection or groundedness

If you’re game for spreading good energy and indulging in a little DIY magic, then it’s time you made some Palo Santo bundles! 

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Learn how to make Palo Santo bundles with herbs for tranquility and good energy.

Creating DIY Palo Santo Bundles For Smudging 

Crafting your own DIY Palo Santo bundles is easier than it looks. We’ll be using lavender, eucalyptus, and quartz points to clear the air and uplift our surroundings. 

Palo Santo Bundle Supplies:

3 Palo Santo sticks

1 or more dried lavender stems

1 or more dried eucalyptus stems

2 or more clear quartz crystal points

3 to 5 dried flower sprigs

3 long matches for safe lighting

½ yard natural cotton twine or raw chiffon silk ribbon

How To Make Palo Santo Bundles

Step #1 Selecting and Preparing Your Supplies:

Choose high-quality Palo Santo sticks that have a rich and aromatic scent. I recommend using sustainably sourced Palo Santo like these to support ethical practices. 

And gather a sprig or two of dried lavender, eucalyptus stems and a handful of dried flower stems that are about the length of your Palo Santo sticks. Then cleanse your clear quartz crystal points under running water and infuse them with your intentions. 

Step #2 Assembling The Bundles:

Build each bundle starting with one Palo Santo stick and one dried flower sprig. Then add lavender sprigs, eucalyptus stems, or more dried flowers to each bundle. 

Next, select your crystal points to add to one more bundle and pair a match with each bundle for ease of use. 

Step #3 Securing Each Bundle:

Now with each bundle assembled, secure the individual bundles with natural cotton twine or raw chiffon silk ribbon. Ensure the botanicals and crystals are tightly attached to the Palo Santo stick.

Now, let these beautiful and aromatic Palo Santo bundles rest for a few hours or overnight, allowing the scents and energies to blend harmoniously. Then get ready to infuse your life with tranquility and positivity with four ways to smudge Palo Santo! 

Ready for a zen adventure? Make DIY Palo Santo bundles to cleanse your space and invite serenity with aromatic botanicals. Then try these four ways to use Palo Santo!

How To Use Palo Santo Bundles

Smudging rituals, my friend, are where the magic happens. How do you use palo santo bundles? There are a few unique ways you can smudge Palo Santo, but each begins with the basic instructions to light the Palo Santo using a match or candle flame. Then allow it to smolder for a few seconds before gently wafting the fragrance smoke. 

4 Ways Use Palo Santo Bundles

You’ll be cleansing your space, uplifting your spirit, and inviting positive vibes like a boss after trying these methods for smudging Palo Santo!

1. Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

Smudging your bedroom can promote restful sleep, relaxation, and a sense of tranquility. Cusp the sprig of lavender in your hands and inhale with your eyes closed. Then gently lay the lavender on our pillow. 

Focus on your sleeping area, gently smudging the space and your bed linens with the Palo Santo to create a calming atmosphere before bedtime.

2. Meditation, Gratitude or Mindfulness Practice

Incorporating smudging into your meditation, gratitude, or mindfulness practice can deepen your connection to the present moment and create a serene ambiance. 

Enjoy the aromatic aroma of Palo Santo while you write in your gratitude journal. Express gratitude for the positive energy and blessings you invite into your life. Hold the crystal point in your hand while meditating or saying prayers. And smudge your space before and after your practice to clear away distractions and enhance your experience. 

3. Clearing Crystals and Sacred Objects

A lesser-known way to use Palo Santo is to cleanse your crystals or other object that are sacred to you. Each is said to hold energetic imprints and can benefit from occasional smudging. 

Pass your crystals or objects through the smoke of the smudge stick, allowing the Palo Santo to cleanse and recharge their energy.

4. Cleansing Your Home or A New Space

Set your intentions for the smudging ritual, focusing on what you wish to release or invite into your home and life. Walk around your space, gently wafting the fragrant smoke with a eucalyptus stem into corners, doorways, and any areas that need cleansing.

If you’re moving into a new home or office, smudging sage can help clear residual energies and create a fresh, positive environment. Begin at the entryway and move throughout each room, paying particular attention to corners and areas where energy tends to stagnate.

Remember, the power of smudging lies not only in the physical act but also in the intention and mindfulness you bring to the ritual. Allow the smoke to carry your prayers, intentions, and gratitude into the universe, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Discover the fun of Palo Santo by creating DIY Palo Santo bundles infused with positive vibes, eucalyptus, and dried flowers!

Embrace the serene atmosphere and positive energy that Palo Santo brings, and elevate your life to new heights of tranquility and connection. 

As you continue exploring the enchanting world of aromatherapy, be sure to read more from the blog for a wealth of creative and uplifting ideas to enrich your daily life.

Did you know you can also embrace Palo Santo for mindfulness with Palo Santo essential oil blend recipes for diffusing and more?


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