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Stress Melting Essential Oil Massage Candle Recipe

This massage candle recipe with a blend of pure essential oils is utterly genius at melting away stress! It has a spa-like herbaceous aroma that doubles as a massage oil to soothe fatigued muscles.

Massage candles are utterly genius for melting away stress! If you’ve never experienced one, stop what you’re doing now because your senses will never be the same. 

A few months back, I had the pleasure to experience one myself at the spa. It was incredible, feeling the warm wax slowly poured down the center of my back. And then massaged into all my knots and tight muscles. All the while basking in the aroma of essential oils as my stress melted away. 

The essential oil DIYer that I am was instantly thinking, “how can I make my own massage candles?” I perfected the best essential oil massage candle recipe using pure ingredients with a little investigative work and testing!

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Now it’s your turn to create an essential oil massage candle to engage the senses as you pour the warm massage oil over your skin to smooth away stress.

What are massage candles?

If this is your first time hearing about massage candles, let me explain what a massage candle is. 

A massage candle looks like any other candle on the surface. But, it is actually solid massage oil. When you light a massage candle, it quickly melts the oil in about five to fifteen minutes. It can be poured directly on the skin and won’t burn at all due to the low melting point of the ingredients.

Can you use any candle for massage?


You want a candle that is made of skin-safe ingredients. This includes the scent of the candle, for one. Steer clear of synthetic fragrance oils. They are rarely safe for topical application. Use skin-safe essential oils instead. 

The essential oils I choose, wintergreen and oregano, have a spa-like herbaceous aroma that doubles as an aid to fatigued muscles. 

Chase stress away with these printable essential oil blend charts. Find this 4-pack for free in the Oily Chic Library!

Find more of our favorite stress-reducing essential oils in this handy printable chart from the Oily Chic Library!

What candle wax can be used for massages? 

If you are wondering what kind of wax is used in massage candles? It is typically soy wax because it has a low melting point. Meaning it doesn’t take long for the wax to heat up and form a melt pool on the top of the candle. So, the candle is ready to use quickly and doesn’t actually get hot, just nicely warm.

Now, I know you might be thinking, is it safe to apply wax to your skin? Only wax labeled skin-safe, like the all-natural soy wax I used, should be applied to the skin.   Beeswax, coconut wax, or vegan carbonara wax are also good candidates. 

Did you know wax in skincare recipes such as lip balms, salves, and creams act as a protective moisture barrier for the skin? That’s why your skin will feel really soft and moisturized long after you’ve used a massage candle! 

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Now it’s your turn to create an essential oil massage candle to engage the senses as you pour the warm massage oil over your skin to smooth away stress.

What ingredients are in massage candles?

Other than natural wax, these ingredients make up the majority of a massage candle and create a nourishing massage oil that chases stress away. 

Cocoa Butter 

In this massage candle recipe, I used raw, unrefined cocoa butter for its deeply moisturizing abilities. Like soy wax, cocoa butter also has a low melting point, around 93°F. It melts just a quick when the massage candle is lit. And it’s natural chocolate scent adds a warm note to the uplifting essential oil blend in the recipe. 

Shea Butter

Speaking of low melting points, at 89°F, shea butter will melt right in your hands! It’s an excellent moisturizer too and comes packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Sweet Almond Oil

You may have heard me mention before sweet almond oil is one of the best carrier oils for blending essential oils. It has a slightly sweet but light, nutty aroma and helps to soften and recondition the skin. 

Oregano Essential Oil

If you’re making a massage candle to bring the spa home, you’ve got to include oregano essential oil! It has an earthy, herbaceous scent and creates a warming sensation on the skin when applied topically, according to Young Living

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Another go-to oil for massage candles is wintergreen essential oil. Young Living explains its cool minty aroma contains methyl salicylate constituents, which are beneficial for use in a massage to cool and soothe fatigued muscles. Definitely an oil you want to keep on hand!

With this combination of natural wax, butter, and oils, you can effectively create a massage candle that’s ready to use quickly and feels incredibly comfortable on the skin! 

How to make massage candles with essential oils!

How do you make a massage candle with essential oils? 

Get ready to whip up a pair of luxurious massage candles with nourishing plant ingredients to melt away stress. Utterly genius, Am I right?

Massage Candle Ingredients:

2 4-ounce glass jars with lids

2 ounces NatureWax C-3 soy wax

1.5 ounces raw unrefined cocoa butter 

2 ounces shea butter

1.5 ounces sweet almond oil

20 drops wintergreen essential oil

20 drops oregano essential oil

2 cotton, soy wax-dipped wicks

2 glue dots

Essential Oil Massage Candle Recipe:

Place a soy wax-dipped wick in the center of each glass jar with a glue dot. 

Using a digital kitchen scale, measure each ingredient to be exact. Combine 1.5 ounces of raw unrefined cocoa butter and 2 ounces of soy wax in a large glass measuring cup. 

At 50% power, melt the cocoa butter and soy wax in the microwave at 45-second intervals, stirring in-between. Repeat about four times or until completely melted. 

Remove the mixture from the microwave and add 2 ounces of shea butter. Stir slowly until the shea butter melts. 

Next, add 1.5 ounces of sweet almond oil and slowly stir to combine. Check the temperature of the wax with a no-touch infrared thermometer

At 125°F or less, add 20 drops of wintergreen essential oil and 20 drops of oregano essential oil to the wax mixture, stirring while adding oils for 1 to 2 minutes.

Use a heat gun or blow dryer to warm the glass jars before pouring the mixture to reduce shrinkage. And recheck the temperature of the wax. At 99°F, pour it into the glass jars. Leave room for the wick to fit under the lids of the jars. 

Place an optional centering device over each wick to help keep them straight during the curing process. Then allow each candle to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before lighting; for stronger-smelling candles, wait for 3 to 7 days! Trim the wicks to ¼ of an inch with a wicker trimmer before lighting. 

It’s time to heat things up and learn how to use massage candles!

How to Use Massage Candles

It’s time to heat things up and learn how to use massage candles! Place a massage candle on a flat, sturdy surface, and light the wick. 

When the wax has melted completely across the candle, at approximately 15 to 20 minutes, put out the flame with a candle snuffer

Then pour the massage oil from the candle directly onto your skin or into the palm of your hand. You’ll notice it is blissfully warm and has the perfect consistency for a massage. Spread it across the skin in long strokes and then knead tight areas to help release stress. 

Now it’s your turn to create a massage candle to engage the senses as you pour the warm massage oil over your skin to smooth away stress. Keep it to yourself or share one with a friend! 


P.S. Don’t miss the free printable chart above! Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share your essential oil DIYs with us. 

Sharing Is Caring!

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