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DIY Eucalyptus Candle Melts Made With Essential Oils

DIY eucalyptus candle melts, encapsulating a clean house scent and spa aroma in one. How to make candle melts with essential oils and soy wax for natural fragrance. 

The invigorating aroma of these DIY eucalyptus candle melts is a favorite in our home. The scent freshens the air while adding a sense of relaxation. The earthy aroma of eucalyptus essential oil is one refreshing spa-like scent I can’t get enough of! 

What is a eucalyptus candle good for? A eucalyptus candle made with eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, native to Australia, contains eucalyptol that provides a refreshing scent that can cut through a stuffy environment. This camphoraceous aroma is a common ingredient in aromatherapy blends for its purifying, clarifying, and cleansing components. 

To the indigenous people of Australia, the eucalyptus tree symbolizes the division of the underworld, earth, and heaven. It is considered a holy tree and is similarly used to purify and cleanse negative energy, like sage. Maybe that’s why so many of us are drawn to eucalyptus’s sharp, minty, woodsy scent. 

These DIY eucalyptus candle melts encapsulate a clean house scent and spa aroma in one to cleanse the air and lift away stress and negativity. Each candle melt is made with natural soy wax and essential oil topped with delicate dried eucalyptus leaves. 

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DIY essential oil candle melts can help you create a relaxing stress free zone in your home.

What are candle melts?

If candle melts are not in your vocabulary, you may know them as wax melts or tarts. These are one in the same – scented pieces of wax. You can find them in countless shapes and sizes, as well as colors and fragrances. 

What’s the difference between candles and candle melts? Let me point out a few differences between the two: 

  • No wick or flame is required to use candle melts.
  • Candle melts are heated by a small bulb of 15 to 25 watts or a tea light that slowly melts the wax and releases the infused essential oils. 
  • You’ll find candle melts are more affordable to make than candles because they require fewer ingredients and tools. 
  • Candle melts have a burn time up to five times longer than candles. A single candle melt has an average of 8 to 10 hours of scent. 

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Here's how to make candle melts with essential oils and soy wax.

What Do You Need To Make Candle Melts?

You do not need a lot to make candle melts. Basically, you need candle wax, something to melt it in, essential oil for fragrance, and a silicone mold to make the candle melts in. 

I chose this trendy hexagon silicone mold to make these eucalyptus wax melts. It is really flexible and easy to use. The melts came out very easily after curing! 

The only hang-up I run into is figuring out how much candle wax I need. Unlike candle containers that often have the ounces listed, which can be used as a starting point, silicone molds rarely include that information. So, here’s how to go about solving this issue: 

First, fill each cavity of the silicone mold with water without allowing it to overflow. Then pour the water into a liquid measuring cup. Note the ounces and divide the total by 20 to calculate how many pounds of wax you’ll need (because by volume, wax weighs 20% less than water).

After choosing your candle melt mold and figuring out how much candle wax you’ll need, you can calculate how much essential oil you need. 

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How Much Essential Oil Do You Need To Make Candle Melts?

The refreshing aroma of eucalyptus in these DIY candle melts makes them unique. Their aromatherapy can help you feel focused, recharged, and stress-free. Without the scent, candle melts have no purpose! 

For every ¼ pound of candle wax, I recommend 50 drops of essential oil. 

To make sure you measure the amount of essential oils for candle melts correctly, you may need an essential oil conversion chart. Print one from our Oily Chic Library!

How many drops are in a bottle of essential oil?

How much essential oils are in a bottle: 

5ml bottle = 100 drops = 1 tsp

15 ml bottle = 300 drops = 1/2 oz

30 ml bottle = 600 drops = 1 oz 

To make essential oil candle melts, you can choose from one of these methods:

  • Use half of a 5ml bottle of essential oil such as eucalyptus. 
  • Choose a 5ml bottle of a pre-made blend of essential oils such as Stress Away or Sacred Mountain to use half of. 
  • Another option is to create a blend of essential oils, for example, by adding ¼ teaspoon of eucalyptus, ⅛ teaspoon of spearmint, and ⅛ teaspoon of lemon. 

No matter what option you choose to scent your candle melts, you can’t go wrong with essential oils! 

How To Make Candle Melts With Eucalyptus Essential Oil

It’s so much easier than it looks to make candle melts with the refreshing, spa-like scent of eucalyptus essential oil! Sprinkle each with dried eucalyptus leaves for a beautiful appeal. The leaves will float in the melted wax as it slowly melts in a tea light or wax warmer. And any stress or negativity will likely melt away.

Supplies To Make Candle Melts:

¼ lb soy wax

hexagon silicone mold 

½ teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil 

½ tablespoon dried eucalyptus leaves 

Candle Melt Instructions: 

Place a small candle melting pitcher on a digital scale. Tap tare weight and measure ¼ pound of soy wax flakes. (If you use a different wax melt mold, follow the tips above to figure out how much wax you’ll need.)  

Next, place the pitcher of wax inside a large saucepan filled with about 2 inches of water. Using the double boiler method, heat on medium to low heat. Slowly stir with a heat-resistant silicone spatula often.

When the soy wax is melted, remove the pitcher from the saucepan. Use a no-touch infrared thermometer to monitor the wax temperature. When the temperature is 125°F, add ½  teaspoon of eucalyptus essential oil to the melted wax. Slowly stir for 1 to 2 minutes to thoroughly incorporate the essential oil. 

After adding the essential oil, carefully pour the wax into each cavity of the hexagon silicone mold. Then allow the candle melts to cure in the mold for at least 1 hour. And wait an additional 24 hours before using one for a strong scent.

It’s so much easier than it looks to make DIY candle melts with the refreshing, spa-like scent of eucalyptus essential oil! Sprinkle each with dried eucalyptus leaves for a beautiful appeal.

How to Use Candle Melts:

DIY essential oil candle melts can help create a relaxing, stress-free zone in your home. And when you follow these tips for using DIY wax melts, the scent can last a long time!

Place a single candle wax melt into a tea light warmer, plug-in warmer, or tabletop wax melt warmer. You’ll see I’m using a beautifully designed terracotta tea light warmer to melt these candle tarts. It has a deep bowl on the top, but I quickly found that I only needed one candle melt to use it. 

Whichever warmer you choose, you’ll appreciate how the wax gently melts as it’s heated, releasing the fragrance into the air. And when you turn off the wax warmer once the wax tart has melted, you’ll still smell the scent for hours! Try it, and you’ll be surprised how much longer your essential oil candle melts last.

When the scent dissipates after many uses, let it solidify, pop out the candle, melt with the edge of a spoon and add a new wax melt into the warmer. 

Now, you can enjoy the earthy, invigorating scent of eucalyptus all year round with these DIY candle melts hand poured with natural soy wax, infused with essential oil, and a beautiful sprinkle of dried eucalyptus leaves. 


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