Spa Essential Oil Blends Chart

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Spa Essential Oil Blends Chart- How to Get That Spa Smell At Home!

You won’t want to stop using this spa essential oil blends chart! It has all the essential oils that smell like a spa in one easy printable. 

It’s agreed essential oils are amazing for a million things, but one of the most enjoyable ways to use them is by trying new essential oil blends. After recently creating an aromatherapy shower mist that utterly smells like the spa, I realized that there is more to that unique spa scent everyone notices when they arrive at the spa. 

As I dug into finding just what it was that most spas use to get that spa smell, I learned that some won’t tell. Why? Because it’s an intricate part of their branding. That spa smell is a signature scent they developed to set themselves apart from others. Just like their logo, imagery, and slogan, their spa smell draws us in and keeps us coming back. 

And it’s all about how our brain processes smell. The good olfactory system nose knows a thing or two about connecting scent, memory, and emotion. So, when you get a massage, facial, or pedicure at the spa and feel relaxed, pampered, and stress-free, your brain connects the spa scent to those emotions. 

If a spa has done its homework to choose a combination of essential oils with aromatherapy benefits in addition to excellent services, you will easily find yourself feeling relaxed just entering the spa again. 

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It’s common for spas to add their signature scent to towels, robes, room sprays, slippers, soap, sheets, lotion, and more? You better believe it – the scent is a BIG part of creating the ambiance of a spa!

Lucky for us, we can use essential oil blends to get that spa smell at home, recreating the ambiance for ourselves.

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What essential oils smell like the spa? Use our printable spa essential oil blends chart to find out!

What essential oils smell like spas?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the spa, lavender, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oils come to mind. It’s an herbal, earthy scent that’s delicately floral, a touch citrus, and so refreshing. 

You can bring the spa home with you using essential oils that smell like spas. Here’s a list of those known to be used in spa fragrances: 




Lemon Myrtle 







Ylang Ylang








Can you mix any essential oils together?

Maybe what should be asked is, “what essential oils smell good together?”. That is most easily answered by using an essential oil blending wheel. Similar to a color wheel, an essential oil blending wheel helps us understand the relationships between different aromas and how our brain processes them. 

To create appealing essential oil blends, you want to choose oils that sit next to each on the blending wheel. 

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What essential oil blends do spas use? Here’s a list of those known to be used in spa fragrances and a printable spa essential oil blends chart!

What essential oil blends do spas use? 

Interestingly, I’ve found spas use nearly all of the seven aroma categories found on a blending wheel. So, you won’t find a spa scent that only uses floral aromas or exclusively woodland aromas, for example.

We also must remember that some essential oils are in more than one aroma category, just as some are in more than one perfume note level. Lavender is one such oil that can be found in the floral and herbal categories, and as well as frankincense takes residence in the resin and exotic categories.  

Primarily essential oil blends spas seem to gravitate most often to these combinations:

citrus + herbal + woodlands

herbal + citrus + floral

citrus + floral + exotic

It can be as simple as combining uplifting lemon with refreshing basil and grounding juniper. Get out your oils and get creative! Who knows, you may find yourself creating a signature scent for your at-home spa.

If you’re ready to put these lists to the test, make a unique scent that evokes feelings of tranquility and serenity using our spa essential oil blends chart below. 

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Diffusing Spa Essential Oils Blends

If you’re new to diffusing essential oils, you’ll be happy to know it’s effortless. All you need is a diffuser, a bit of water, and a few drops of essential oil to infuse your spaces with the best spa scents! 

Take a look at my favorite essential oil diffusers:

Once you start using a diffuser regularly, you’ll need to keep it clean to get the most out of it, so don’t miss my tips on how to clean a diffuser. And if you like to nerd out on things like this, I explain the five methods for diffusing essential oils here

Here’s how to get that spa smell with a printable spa essential oil blends chart!

Get That Spa Smell At Home with Our Spa Essential Oil Blends Chart

Here you’ll find nine distinct spa essential oil blends to tell your brain it’s time to feel relaxed, pampered, and stress-free. With just a few drops of essential oil, you can get that spa smell at home – again and again. And we’ve put them all together in one printable blends chart. 

But essential oils aren’t just for diffusing; we’ve also included tips to get the most out of each spa blend with simple DIYs. So, put on your softest robe and slice the cucumber – it’s spa time! 

Aveda Spa Blend:

This spa essential oil blend is one of my favorites to make candles because it smells like a visit to Aveda Spa with heady herbal aromas mixed with citrus notes and resin bases. Find more candle blend recipes here

4 drops lavender

2 drops bergamot

2 drops marjoram 

1 drop frankincense

2 drops lemongrass

2 drops geranium

Zen Space Blend:

Bring a calming zen vibe to your space with this blend. Its combination of grounding resin, herbal, and woodland aromas is ideal for meditation but could be a clever perfume. See my quick tips on how to make essential oil perfume with this blend to help you stay zen all day. 

4 drops sacred mountain

3 drops lavender

2 drops frankincense 

Sunrise Blend:

I love to add this spa blend recipe to the diffuser in the morning and again in the afternoon if I need a boost of energy. Combine zingy lime, happy tangerine, tropical bergamot, and minty fresh spearmint with a carrier oil into a 10 ml roller bottle to apply throughout the day. 

3 drops bergamot

2 drops tangerine

1 drops lime

2 drops spearmint

Outer Banks Blend:

If the spa reminds you of relaxing at a boutique hotel on the beach, this blend is for you! It’s a classic combo of fresh, floral, and exotic notes. Here’s a tip: make a DIY reed diffuser with this to bring those beachy spa vibes to your bathroom.

2 drops eucalyptus 

3 drops jasmine 

2 drops lavender 

Avocado Toast Blend:

Who else eats lightly, before and after the spa? It’s like my hunger disappears when I’m completely relaxed. Hmm, maybe I should try adding this to the diffuser when those Friday night cravings for pizza and breadsticks come on. 

2 drops sage

3 drops bergamot 

Lotus Blend:

This spa blend is the perfect example of a refreshing, soft floral, woodsy grounding spa smell. It’s great for so many things, including a DIY room spray!

2 drops sage

3 drops geranium

2 drops cedarwood

Sea Air Blend:

A beautiful travel companion, the sea air blend of warm exotic sandalwood and rocky mountain high vetiver is lovely applied to diffuser jewelry or added to a car diffuser to carry it with you during your travels. 

3 drops sandalwood

2 drops vetiver 

Spa Vibes Blend:

Discover that quintessential spa smell and ambiance with delicately sweet, floral ylang-ylang, bright lemon, invigorating sage, and calming lavender. 

2 drops ylang ylang 

3 drops Lemon

2 drops sage 

4 drops lavender

Yoga Blend:

If your trip to the spa begins with a yoga lesson like the Serenity Spa on the Netflix series Sweet Magnolia you have to try this blend. It’s all the scents of a yoga studio! Why not bottle it to make a yoga mat spray? 

5 drops juniper

5 drops orange

3 drops lemongrass

Printable Spa Essential Oil Blends Chart

You won’t want to stop using this spa essential oil blends chart! It has all the essential oils that smell like a spa in one easy printable.

If you find yourself asking, “What is that spa scent?” this essential oil blends chart is your answer. It has all the essential oils that smell like a spa in one easy printable. 

Find it and many more essential oil printables in the Oily Chic Library

If there’s one thing I love about using essential oils, it’s that there are always new essential oil blends and uses to be discovered. Tap into our five simple ways to use essential oils every day with these spa essential oil blends! 


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