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Simple Ways To Practice Self Care With Essential Oils This Year

Here are seven ways to practice self care with essential oils using simple prompts that fit seamlessly into your weekly routine.

Have you ever felt lost in the chaos of self-care options? I get it – it’s a puzzle, you can’t find all the pieces too.

Every time you’re craving self-care, the choices are a maze. I’ve been there – confused about how to start self care and create a self care routine. 

That’s why I’m diving into the essential (pun intended!) topic of self-care and bringing you a shortcut to practical ways to get started and make it a habit this year!

I’ve created an easy-to-remember weekly self-care list, offering a unique vibe each day of the week. From mindfulness to better sleep, I’ve got you covered—no puzzle or maze – just simple methods that fit seamlessly into your weekly routine.

Let’s face it – health is wealth, and self-care is a non-negotiable part of that equation. It’s time you discovered essential oil self-care ideas that bring joy, mindfulness, relaxation, and connection – all while keeping it real and relatable.

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Discover easy ways to practice self care with essential oils. From mindful moments to DIY blends, our guide helps you make well-being a daily priority. Start Your Self Care Routine!

What Is Self Care?

First, let’s answer some fundamental questions. What does practicing self-care mean? Self-care means nurturing your well-being intentionally. It’s about prioritizing activities that restore and energize you. 

Why Is Self Care Important?

Self-care is crucial for overall well-being. It reduces stress, enhances resilience, and promotes mindfulness. Many look at it as a personalized commitment to mental and physical health.

I see self-care as a vital investment in myself, ensuring I can tackle life with balance and vitality.

Now, you know self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. So, how do you begin a self care routine, and how do you practice self-care effectively? 

This is where my easy-to-remember weekly self care checklist and practical methods to blend nurturing you, come into play!  

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Transform your routine with our essential oil self-care list! Discover daily prompts, DIY delights, and mindful moments. Prioritize your well-being, one day at a time with these simple to strategy to start a self care practice.

How To Begin A Self Care Practice

Kickstart your self-care routine anytime! Scroll to today’s date and dive into the prompts. For planners, schedule it in your calendar, set reminders on your phone, hang up post-its, or involve a friend.

It’s time to make your well-being a priority! 

7 Ways To Practice Self Care With Essential Oils This Year

It is easy to make a massage oil with coconut and essential oils in just three steps with our DIY massage oil recipe!

Monday: Is For Massage = Relaxation

That’s right, we’re starting every week with a massage! Book it, involve your partner or DIY. The good news is a DIY massage oil made with essential oils is one of the easiest essential oil recipes you can make! 

Get The Recipe

Learn how to make Palo Santo bundles with herbs for tranquility and good energy.

Tuesday: Practice Mindfulness 

You’ve heard it before, “Mindfulness Matters.” I’ve learned that the absence of mindfulness can leave us feeling detached, restless, and seeking a deeper connection with the present. 

Turn to the woody, slightly sweet aroma of Palo Santo to bring your awareness forward. Take it up a notch by crafting DIY Palo Santo bundles with botanicals and crystals. I share how to select the perfect Palo Santo sticks and tips on how to use Palo Santo. 

Learn How

Not a fan of smudging? Simply use a Palo Santo diffuser blend designed for mindfulness. 

Uncover a sense of sacred serenity with this enchanting diffuser blend. Blue spruce adds an earthy touch, while a hint of lavender brings a delicate floral balance to frankincense and Palo Santo, creating a calming and serene atmosphere.

Sacred Serenity Diffuser Blend

2 drops Blue Spruce essential oil

3 drops Lavender essential oil

1 drop Frankincense essential oil

3 drops Palo Santo essential oil

 Unveil the secret to a balanced life! Our essential oil self-care guide offers daily practices for a healthier you. Dive into well-being with practical tips and DIY joy.

Wednesday: Connect – Host A Crafty Girls Night In

Feeling connected is just as important as relaxation and mindfulness, So invite your gal pals over to get crafty with essential oils on Wednesday nights! 

Start with this list of crafty ideas:

Transform your bath into a luxurious retreat with our expert tips on combining the soothing scents of cedarwood and lavender. Check out our step-by-step guide to creating your very own calming bath salts.

Thursday: Rest – Get More Sleep

Anyone can benefit from better sleep! 

I have been a light sleeper for as long as I can remember. Maybe I owe it to a weak bladder or sharp ears, but waking up 3 to 4 times a night used to be my norm. That is until I learned how to use essential oils for sleep

Skip Netflix on Thursdays and swap it for a soothing cedarwood and lavender bath soak, slip on your cozy PJs, and apply a pillow spray to help you fall asleep faster.  

(My favorite is the Soft Slumber sleep spray recipe.)

Friday: Fun Day

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, her class always had Fun Fridays every week. I was jealous but inspired, so I started finding ways to make Fridays more fun. 

Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

  • Meet a friend for coffee, lunch, wine, or dinner. 
  • Make brownies and dance in the kitchen.
  • Try something new – like sushi or making bath bombs. 
Find simple tips to recreate the ambiance of the spa and beauty recipes for spa treatments with these five ways to host a blissful spa day at home with friends!

Saturdays: Spa Day A.K.A. De-Stress

When you think of self-care, do you think of the spa? You’ll melt into these 5 ways to have a spa day at home with friends or self care time just for you. 

Read The List 

For bonus points – learn how to get that spa smell at home with my Spa Essential Oil Blends Chart!

Boost your well-being with our daily self-care rituals! Explore practical tips and essential oil ideas to make self-care a breeze. Because when you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Sundays: Check-In

Wrap up your self care week with a check-in on you. Pull out your journal, reflect on your daily wins, recharge, and gear up for more with essential oil self-care ideas next week. Because your well-being matters every day!

Support your weekly check-in with the best rosemary essential oil blends to clear your mind, ground yourself, and focus. 

Immerse yourself in the invigorating scents of rosemary with our printable rosemary essential oil blends charts! They’re the easy way to simplify diffusing and get the most out of your oils.
For You

Printable Blends Charts

Our printable rosemary essential oil blend charts are an easy way to simplify diffusing and get the most out of your oils. Print both charts and countless more essential oil printables from the Oily Chic Library. 

From blends to mindful moments, connection with friends, and essential oil DIYs, this self-care checklist makes your well-being a daily routine. 

Pin these seven ways to practice self care with essential oils to your Pinterest self care board, and while there, follow Oily Chic for more inspired ideas. 

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