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Essential Oil Traveling Tips and Blends

Take your essential oils on the go with these essential oil travel tips and essential oil blends for travel.

It isn’t new information, but I simply cannot function without my essential oils every day. From diffuser blends in the morning and evening to roller blends, toner, soap, and various sprays, I use more essential oils daily than most could keep track of! 

So, of course, I always have to pack essential oils no matter where I’m going. They’re called essential oils for a reason, after all! 

It is not as easy as it sounds, though –

I once went on a trip and had brought my Blue Tansy with me in a makeup bag, not thinking too much about it. Low and behold, I came to find that the oil had leaked a bit and left a big dark blue stain on my bag! That’s definitely not what you want to see when it comes to oil as expensive as Blue Tansy. 

As you can imagine, it was a very educational experience for me, and ever since then, I’ve been learning and discovering how to travel with essential oils safely.

With spring break beginning and summer vacation ahead, I knew it was time I shared essential oil traveling tips with you!

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Next time you're prepping for a trip, take these essential oil travel tips and blends with you!

Can you travel with essential oil?

Yes, you can travel with essential oils; however, it’s best to be clever how you go about it. While building our new house during a two-month summer vacation last year (yes, I am beyond blessed), I learned what works when traveling with essential oils. 

While essential oil bottles and roller bottles are small enough to fit into bags, it is chaotic to try and rummage through a suitcase looking for one specific oil. The best way to combat this is to stay organized and find methods that work for you. 

Remember, everyone packs and travels differently, so if some traveling tips don’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try something else! Use your experience to your advantage and adjust things to your needs.

Can essential oils be in checked baggage?

Yes! Essential oils can absolutely be in checked baggage. A thing to remember, though, is to make sure the bottles are secured and tightened to prevent leaks. If you’re worried about oils leaking in your checked baggage, consider using an essential oil carrying case. I love mine! 

(If you need some more tips to optimize essential oil storage, these essential oil storage ideas have your back! Learn all the savvy ways to properly and safely store your essential oils, rather you’re traveling or not!)

Another frequently asked question is, are oils allowed on planes? As in your purse or carry-on? Yes, as long as your essential oils fall within the TSA-311 rule, you can take them on the plane without a problem. 

What is the 311 rule?

The TSA 3-1-1 rule is that your liquids have to be less than 3.4 ounces each, they have to all fit in a 1-quart sized plastic bag, and you can only bring 1 plastic bag. 

Unfortunately, whether you find that ridiculous or fair, it’s the rule for essential oils on planes. Thankfully though, this is where 5ml bottles really come in handy. This means you can take about 20 five milliliter bottles, just as long as you can fit them into a one-quart bag.

Also, as tempting as it may be, I don’t recommend opening any oils while on the plane. For example, some people really can’t stand the intense scent of Patchouli, and other people love it. Plus, you don’t want to risk dropping a bottle of essential oil on the floor of the plane when turbulence hits! Instead, if you feel the need to reapply oils, maybe to get some sleep, use a diluted blend in a roller bottle

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Can I bring an essential oil diffuser on a plane?

You can indeed bring an essential oil diffuser on a plane in your luggage. Word to wise, though, diffusers can get quite bulky and take up a good bit of luggage space. Space, I might rather use for more shoe choices. Instead, consider getting a portable diffuser for your essential oil travel needs. They’re light, compact, and easy to use while on the go.

These are some good need-to-know questions, but I’ve got more tips and tricks for traveling with essential oils!

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Essential Oil Traveling Tips and Blends You Won’t Wanna Leave Home Without!

Essential Oil Traveling Tips and Blends You Won’t Want To Leave Home Without!

DIY Essential Oil Lip Balm Recipes

These DIY essential oil lip balm recipes don't disappoint! You’re going to wonder why the heck you hadn’t made one before.

We all know the awful feeling of cracked, dried lips after being in that circulated air on the plane. Make one of these four easy essential oil lip balm recipes before traveling to keep your lips healthy and smooth during your trip.

Travel DIY Pillow Spray 

or an easy traveling sleep aid, try this essential oil pillow spray!

Even if it’s just for a few days, sleeping in a new place can affect your body’s sleep schedule. (Especially if you’ve gone through a time change) No one wants to spend their trip up all night tossing and turning. Did you know essential oils are one of the best things we can use to fall asleep fast? For an easy traveling sleep aid, try this essential oil pillow spray!

On the other hand, roller blends are designed for a 10 ml roller bottle; fill the bottle with your desired blend, then fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Check out our in-depth roller blend how-to with a free dilution printable for a more detailed explanation!

Lavender Travel Candle Tins

If you’ve ever wanted to take a candle with you but refrained because there just wasn’t enough space in your suitcase, consider packing a travel candle!

If you’ve ever wanted to take a candle with you but refrained because there just wasn’t enough space in your suitcase, consider packing a travel candle! These lavender travel candle tins are perfect for slipping into a carry-on bag or suitcase of any size. They are hand-poured into metal tins. So, you can close the lid on the candle when you are done burning it, and it won’t release any smoke into your hotel room. Plus, they happen to smell incredible!

Travel Roller Blends

One of the biggest concerns of traveling, even if it’s only an hour from home, is picking up a sickness of any kind. This immunity-boosting roller blend is a step ahead of any lingering germs and illnesses. It’s one of my must-have roller blends for travel! 

Immunity Boost Roller Blend

10 drops Thieves

10 drops Lemon

8 drops Frankincense

6 drops Oregano

Shower Steamers Great for Travel

Transform your shower and enjoy a moment to yourself with these tips on how to use shower steamers. 

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to take aromatherapy on the go? Look no further! These shower steamers will give you the feeling of a luxury aromatherapy steam without booking the spa. And they are travel friendly and don’t need to fit into your TSA 3-1-1 bag with all your other toiletries!

Diffuser Blends For Travel

When prepping for a trip, it’s best to plan ahead and know the blends you want to have on hand. If you happen to use a lot of blends on a regular basis, prepare your blends for a trip by mixing them into these little bottles, as I did when traveling.

Taking a flight of any kind can be exhausting, even if you didn’t dramatically change time zones. Exhausted and ready to crash at the hotel after your flight? Try this jet-lagged diffuser blend! In need of some more travel blends like this one? Take a look at these essential oil blends perfect for traveling!

Jet Lagged Diffuser Blend

3 drops Peppermint

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Grapefruit

Print the best travel essential oils for diffuser blends and roller bottle recipes here.

Use these essential oils for travel on the go with these printable charts of essential oil blends for travel from the Oily Chic Library

There are so many ways we can optimize essential oils for traveling. So next time you’re prepping for a trip, take these essential oil travel tips and blends with you! 


No matter where I’m going, I always have to pack essential oils and use these essential oil travel tips.

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